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Best Machine Learning book: (Fundamentals Of Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics).

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. #MachineLearning

Intro to Predictive Analytics is the second video in this machine learning course. This video explains how machine learning algorithms are used in the field of data analytics to create models of reality.

This online course covers big data analytics stages using machine learning and predictive analytics. Big data and predictive analytics is one of the most popular applications of machine learning and is foundational to getting deeper insights from data. Starting off, this course will cover machine learning algorithms, supervised learning, data planning, data cleaning, data visualization, models, and more. This self paced series is perfect if you are pursuing an online computer science degree, online data science degree, online artificial intelligence degree, or if you just want to get more machine learning experience. Enjoy! Check out the entire series here:


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HANA J says:

Please one course on data science please

karam ali says:

Gives you wellness, Professor ♥
Please help .. I need data set .. to train Model to predict the occurrence of fires due to the large number of fires that happen today in Syria (more than 100 fires)
Please Help

Cyph18 says:

broski definitely took some psychedelics

IT says:

I am random. I am unpredictable!

Michael YISRAEL says:

I am studying for a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data-Analytics at Jyvaskyla University, FINLAND and I really like your videos.

Animesh ojha says:

how much co-relation of coefficient value matter in predicting the the accurate value ..

Navid Davani says:

what machine learning or algorithms are most relevant in predictive maintenance, like for mechanical machinery? I want to focus on them.
how about deep learning? do I need to know like convolutional neural network?
thank you in advance.

Navid Davani says:

what machine learning or deep learning algorithms are most relevant in predictive maintenance, like for mechanical machinery? I want to focus on them.

thank you in advance.

Nureyn A says:

This is awesome! Now I accept that teaching is a talent, you can know a lot but might be hard to teach others, your teaching style is amazing, you are the best.

shashi bisht says:

Really helpful video.Thanks!!
Do u know how to do predictions on yearly data in python. Which method can I use for this?

Path Finder says:

So like 95% confidence that the data says something based of the data, but at an extreme amount of data

Monica Triana Bonilla says:

you should put up a donation box or something for your great videos, similar to Khan Academy or Wikipedia. You are helping really smart people with your videos. Your explanations are even better than Professors explanations. I would totally donate or give back. If you can dedicate 100% of your time and make money out of this through viewers' contributions it would be great. But say that you will keep doing the videos regardless, is just so you can dedicate more time to them.
It's also cool how you get distracted right when I get distracted, so you catch my attention the whole time.

Preserve Moment says:

Cool buddy ….. nicely explained

Neo Zora says:

Damn it Onix

nils graham says:

One step at a time

Christopher Sprance says:

Haha, "I was trying to draw reality over here."

pranav waikar says:

i have question. i am a newbie.
1. where business intelligence stands in this?
2. why ML is important when we have hadoop for data analysis?
3.The new processors like kirin 970 has now NPU. How can we use that here?

Buzz Tech Support says:

Why don't you get views … You e having 49k subs

Sam says:

like your energy! Good luck mate

Vinay says:

Create video on programming like c

Sayd Hajar says:

thanks for all

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