Machine Learning in Predictive Analysis to Prevent Employee Attrition | Future HR with A.I.

Do you know that a high employee attrition rate can affect your company/organization in a bad way? It is important to prevent a high employee attrition rate, and it is a crucial task in the human resource department. But, how to do it accurately? Especially, if your HR department is implementing automation?

Empowered by A.I. Machine Learning, Gleematic performs predictive analysis to prevent employee attrition. With predictive analysis, Gleematic can accurately predict the attrition rate of employees based on their employment records. Moreover, Gleematic can also predict who will likely to leave, why employees tend to leave, and analyze the key-risk factors affecting the high employee turn-over. With this capability, Gleematic can enlighten the human resource department to improve the way they engage loyal employees to stay in the company/organization.

Experience the simplest predictive analysis with Gleematic. Easy and fast process of training the bots to intelligently understand how to make accurate predictions. No coding is needed, no programming or complicated setup is required. Gleematic was created to make you feel at ease in automating your tasks.

Have a faster and easier automation process with Gleematic: no coding is needed! You just simply need to customize Gleematic according to your needs, and the process is automated!

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