Machine Learning: Do Not Buy a New Laptop!

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If you want to do machine learning and are looking for a new computer stop. Do not buy one, just use google colab.

3 Data Science Learning Platforms I would recommend

1. Data Quest – (my favourite)
2 Data Camp –
3 365 Data Science –

2 Recommended Python Courses

1. Exploratory Data Analysis with Python and Pandas –
2. Complete Python Programmer Bootcamp –

Data Science Interview Preparation

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My favourite books (affiliate link)




Thank you so much for this sir!
I wanted to pursue it but was insecure because of my low end laptop

Faraz Nassar says:

is google colab fully compatible with macbook air m1? Kindly help.

Joel Rodriguez says:

Thank you so much. I needed this video.

Mi Pe says:

It's such a nice contrast of you talking about cutting-edge technology while wandering around those peaceful natural spots. I think everyone needs to remember that we should use technology wisely and never lose our connection to the Nature.

pallenda says:

Reason #1 to not use the Google stuff is also that it's free.

Michael says:

I am concerned though with the degree of data and information Google accumulates through monopolizing different fields with cloud hosting

Rohith N says:

Hi sir make video on Paperspace 🔛🖐

Aneesh Majumder says:

the session length in google collab is 12 hours…so if im training a model which needs over 12 hours of training time, how can i tackle it?….plz give me some suggestions guys

Robert Modalo says:

Not the case if you're using pytorch

cdm m says:

I love your videos and I love the countryside! One of my dreams is to live there and visit the UK. Probably you know my country and maybe you visit it… I am from Cyprus

Alkis05 says:

Google: You gotta a gpu! You gotta a gpu! You gotta a brand new gpu!
(In the mean while will have all your code/data to feed my super AI's)

behrad bahrami Rad says:

Thank you so much!, And also beautiful mix of nature artistic!

Roman Liapkin says:

Heh, I was so sad yesterday because when I launched a program in Spyder my PC had stun. Now 4 gigs operation memory is really not enough even for a browser. How for you the book "Grokking Deep Learning" Andrew Trask?

Rahul Gandhi says:

Thanks for the information. Please create one hands on video showing how to setup and use Google Colab

Faraz Ahmed says:

Reason 1 it is free , I am just fall in love

진희곤 says:

runtime disconnect is super annoying & is not IDE environment

Ruslan Asadullin says:

Learning python watching such a wonderful landscapes! Thank you, Sir!

Jayjay F says:

What’s a GPU?

Jhon Shephard says:

Note that there are some limits and its great for experiments and sharing work but if you already have a computer, use that in addition. Limits are, how long can you keep it running, you need internet access

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