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At Uber, we are using natural language processing and conversational AI to improve the user experience. In my talk I will be delving into 2 use cases. In the first application we use natural language processing and machine learning to improve our customer care. The other use case is the recent launch of a smart in-app reply system that allows driver partners to respond to incoming rider messages at a click-of-a-button. Finally, we will cover the components common to most conversational AI systems.


MLConf 2018


Franziska Bell, Senior Data Science Manager on the Platform Team, Uber


MLConf Organizer provided Coding Tech with the permission to publish this video.


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changeitonem says:

Came here after the Tesla AI video. NEVER buy Uber stock SELL NOW. This is like 25 years in the past 90's tech

AlienBalls' Overwatch Highlights says:

slides unreadable, even on a 10" tablet. terrible ux. total failure in video editing. it was SO unpleasant trying to watch this with the unreadable slides. just going to give the whole talk a miss.

Tanbir Sohail says:

Final editing is quite bad. Maybe put the slides in full screen, the presenter as a small box at the corner and the conference and date as watermark. It's very difficult to view contents of such slides on a mobile device. Poor UX

Joe Wong says:

That was an amazing presentation, however the small slides kind of took away from it.

Against The Sky says:

So smooth speech

raffaele rimorso says:

tks merry christmas

Okaba Mac says:

Amazing talk

master_k says:

uber customer service one of the worst things i've experienced


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