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As researchers and engineers, our goal is to make machine learning technology work for everyone.



peekeyeseek says:

So this is why my head is full of stuff.


Michael Thompson says:

You don’t need anything outside of yourself to find the answers. You are the super computer. Dummies

Linda Davis says:

I learned alot from YouTube that was provided to me.

Anon KSO says:

THIS BIAS IS SO DANGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have many mistakes inside this.You dont understand AI .So you destroy youself.Good luck

Learn hack Swain says:

a like Google

Flávio Lisbôa says:

Omg the scientist part was just stupid and a really bad example overall.

McStabbyPantsジェイソン says:

This video is somewhat disconcerting coming from Google's Tensorflow work and presentations. All of their AI work I've encountered has been very clinical and detail focused so this video glossing over details and making generalizations seems strangely out of place. I wonder if some group at google has realized that neural networks are great at pattern recognition and aren't easily influenced by preconceived notions or public opinion.

Aniani01 says:

Actually, it's because only men got us where we are.

Amir Ramlal says:

close but I thought of hi tops

Robert Espinosa says:

It's cool

Randall Williams says:

it good if get language an place when I come through

xJester23 says:

This is insanity

Love, Life & Liver says:

I pictures my shoe 😨

Gregorius Andri says:

no, it is because converse dominate the world

grenade says:

Tommy Robinson vids are a must see 💙💖💚💙💖💚👍👍👍

Alison Lapoint says:

That really interested aviouse.less is best of of of unlogical thinging from the human left side of the brain.thanks for the info that brings a lot of claitity to a lot of things.thank you..keep it simple stupped and stinking thinking .really fit in the human and competitive inter actions. Thank you again.

Alison Lapoint says:

Shoe something humans whatever on that feet foot cover ,detection tool , clothing.. safety.warmth.perssnal .visual.human.bias.varying waire ables.for humans.

M M says:

there is a magic bullet.

1-Datagram says:

The part about recognising Physicists is complete idiocy. It is impossible for anyone to be reliably "recognised" as physicist or any other white collar occupant based soley on their physical appearance without prior knowledge. Google just needs an excuse to force in some liberal bias, how ironic.

TheKrm95 says:

Why Google makes a video like this,? Programmers already now what bias is and people not interested in the subject don't need to now..

Tomáš says:

really nice prepared presentation, i admire people who can do something like that

Josh eyy says:

Sounds scary.. And just by declaring that you eleminate "negative" human biases you actually start to eliminate freedom of speech because it can't be that easily declared what are negative biases and what not and the choice of what to include or not lays on googles side.. Therefore they are officially censoring the content

Zenland Infra says:

so u want yet to believe Google has no bias..

Becoming Vincent says:

good but I think it was Google who at some point if you searched for Gorilla showed you a picture of a black guy ..

Nicolas says:

Difficult topic….

Iurie Ceban says:

Yeah now let's teach ai to be politically correct so nobody gets offended

Time is relative says:

To try and modify statistics in order to generalize them to be false is in fact, biased. Commanding an A.I. system to collect available data in correlation to key words instructed by a user resulting in correct, specific and factual data is not biased. Statistics are averaged for practically based on questions that are variable such as "What does a shoe look like?". To use the reasoning that less images of women physicists appearing from image search results as a bias is false when the factual statistics are only being relayed by the A.I. system because they are in fact less common; they will be less likely to show up due to practically, not bias. To alter this information would make you biased. You're reasoning in multiple regards, including the shoe result example, are false and hypocritical.

Larry Panozzo says:

Nice video Google !

DLandscape Studio says:

If a company has to go out of their way to make a video about "human bias" then humans can be dumber than I believed.

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