Machine Dreams (33c3)

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Dreaming Machines

Artificial Intelligence provides a conceptual framework to understand mind and universe in new ways, clearing the obstacles that hindered the progress of philosophy and psychology. Let us see how AI can help us to understand how our minds create the experience of a universe.



Woodrow Wiest says:

An incredible thought process revealed to us via presentation. I highly appreciate and recommend this.

alexandre alvim says:

thank you for creating the dream machine was my biggest dream of my life was to create but give up for lack of budget I had this dream since 2010 or more time back and I asked God that someone could create when give up in 2014 or 13 thanks for creating now I hope we had access to the machine of my dreams

Pollen Applebee says:

Analogy of mind to flight is cringe inducing. The explanation of flight is COMPLETE in a physical description of the process and the motion of the parts. The explanation of mind in this functional way is NOT complete (it leaves out the *feelings themselves*, the most important part of the mystery). In other words, explanation of flight in functional terms does not leave out the very thing it tries to explain. Explanation of mind in this way does.

Peter P-a-n says:

Amazing talk. Such a broad scope.

teemo in vietnam says:

Very impressive…
The C64pill

zproxy says:

imagine the suprise of the presenter, once he finds out, the earth he lives on, is flat

Sandro Bomio says:

His drinking is horrible….

Sandro Bomio says:

Philosophy and science should work together… Or is he already able to compute the level of complexity a nerve system needs to become conscious? I don't think so… Oh wow, something science can't find out… I give you an advice: You don't need to proof it if you have a logical formal truth system, ergo, philosophy.

TikTac'tical says:

This guy need to stop for a sec, take a swig of his drink… And then continue..

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