Live Project Developing AI Advertisement Platform Using Deep Learning

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Ebin says:

Guys, Please do a video on the Story of a person without a degree become Data Scientist. I don't care whether it is a Successful one or not.

S Jatin says:

Awesome project sir 2. Thank you so much. I am getting an error of module 'tensorflow.python.framework.ops' has no attribute '_TensorLike', It is showing me some error line of 703 and it is from it seems, Please help me out

Raghav Mehta says:

HELLO KRISH SIR, Sir i have bought the 299 plan, Can you please Suggest Me a Complete project till deployment for my MAJOR in final year

Sajid Choudhary says:

Sir Please makes video on Mathematics behind on SVM Regression, AdaBoost Regression, Gradient Boost Classification

Mitsu Mehta says:

Hello Sir.I came across your channel recently. I want to ask a question that there are many visulisation tools are now giving connection to jupyter notebooks ,python ,R. Can you tell how to build AI application within the visualization tool.

Akash Desai says:

How to deploy this project on cloud ??? Not single video is available on YouTube to deploy webcam projects on cloud/ heroku . please make video sir

Arjya Basu says:

Its awesome!!!

amarnath dhinakaran says:

Hi Krish. I would like to train my own models without using any pre trained models or weights. So, could you pls assist me how to do?

ishant somal says:

Great work krish

amogh ht says:

Sir if we do it using cpu ,will it work ??? I mean do we get satisfactory speed in predicting age and gender ?????

Shivang Sharma says:

Great project sir 👍

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