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LittleDog was developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA. It is used for research on legged locomotion and learning by groups at MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, USC, U Penn and IHMC.



Frankie Cuellar says:


Audio Sounds says:

Advanced Automation is going to revolutionize the world for coming decades.

boozeofthenation says:

black mirror

Forgerion says:

Black mirror anyone?

Faby Blue Mar says:

It seems a big cuca.

Freddy Antonio Farfan Mendoza says:

Actually this dogs move much faster than 9 years ago. Actually its very similar than dog of Black mirrror 4 x5 (Metalhead).

Marc Boolean says:

Seems like an alien head.

Deschutes Maple says:

I think AI will be the undoing of humanity, and will kill humans off.

cognition engine says:

funded by DARPA, so yeah it will basically be a weapon… METALHEAD

AngryBoy says:

8 years later, not that much progress.

XENDER cage says:

Black mirror

Firelord Ava says:

Can I buy him??

Vindow Maker says:

holy shit. wasn't this in black mirror?

Brian Smith says:

This reminds me of the ones from Black Mirror's Metalhead.


i want it as my pet security assistant I WILL PAY 1000DOLLARS

Rijanio Antônio says:

black mirror feelings

Ilyin Igor says:

Бостоны красавчики!

Nader Alk says:

Oh no, we've learned what this was from Black Mirror. Everyone hide.

Daran Thomson says:

Watch black mirror season 4

Jack A says:

Aaaand here comes Black Mirror

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