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“Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” by Max Tegmark is today’s book review and summary as we explore consciousness amidst other forms of AI.

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Wolfsuka: Book Summaries says:

If you like this make sure to check out "Homo Deus", the animated book summary:

BIt&binary says:

Creativity at its best

jonathan gonzalez says:

lmao is that music sampled from Elder Scroll's Oblivion?? @6:44

arooj Ahmed says:

Pagal hogye ho?

Adrian Stefan Tudor says:

This is the most stupid and annoying way to review a book(music included). You did a great job with that!

Emily H says:

You should check out Alex Bates's new book AUGMENTED MIND:

Pedro Fonseca says:

Wow, just loved this review, interesting and funny! Thanks!!

Brandon Pickworth says:

this review sucks

Darth Squiqqles says:

your ideal becomes your judge. The fear of AI is natural

Siim Land says:

Man! Your reviews are just stellar. Revenge of the nerds, haha!

dezukaful says:

That was fun.
Ill have to check it out

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