Leveraging AI and Machine Learning to Improve Procurement and Supply Chain

– How machine learning and AI can boost efficiency, save costs, and optimize processes?
– How leveraging search and AI can deliver insights regarding procurement data and suppliers?
– How you can use machine learning for demand prediction forecasting, even without a huge data science team?

Data driven decisions are the basis to operate successfully nowadays. With our technology partner ThoughtSpot we have already proven dozens of times that we not only enable companies to access their data faster and easier on a granular level but also provide users with individual insights.

Together with DataRobot, we are now going one step further and using historical data to make precise predictions and plan for the future.
With the help of DataRobot it is now possible to use machine learning in a scalable and efficient way.

This means that forecast models for areas of application such as demand forecast, network optimization, warehouse optimization can not only be built and implemented quickly but can also be monitored centrally and brought up to date. With the help of the planning and sales models created by DataRobot, companies are able to react better to changes, increase revenue and reduce costs.

Together with the technology partners ThoughtSpot and DataRobot, we show in this webinar how to generate significant added value from the existing data and transform it further in the direction of a data-driven company.