Levels of Natural Language Processing

This video covers Levels of Natural Language Processing in Hindi.

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* Natural Language Processing Playlist:

Sureshot exam questions:
1) Steps in Natural Language Processing:
2) Levels of Natural Language Processing:
3) Ambiguity in Natural Language Processing:
4) Morphological Parsing:
5) Inflectional & Derivational Morphology:
6) N Gram Model:
7) Language Model:
8) POS Tagging & Tag set in English:
9) Rule Based POS Tagger:
10) Stochastic POS Tagging:
11) Top Down vs Bottom Up Parsing:

0:00 – Start
0:30 – Morphological Analysis
1:20 – Syntax Analysis
2:20 – Semantic Analysis
2:50 – Pragmatic Analysis
3:55 – Discourse Analysis

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