Legged Robot Testing in Desert

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Legged Squad Support System (LS3) is a four-legged robot designed to travel 20 miles on rough terrain carrying 400 lbs of load. The video shows field testing at Twentynine Palms, CA. Testing includes rough-terrain mobility, endurance, visually guided following, GPS guided maneuver, and overall reliability. LS3 is being developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA and the US Marine Corps. For more information visit our website at www.BostonDynamics.com.


H Viegas says:

Nuclear or eletric power?

Ramey Zamora says:

You need two more legs, one on each side of the body facing perpendicular to the flank. Only used for stability and precision driving!

Skyrilla says:

Oh it's this thing, Big Dog, it's so old. I thought this project was put to rest for being too cumbersome and loud?

CNe7532294 says:

This needs to be used in Puerto Rico right now if not already. Please loan FEMA this.

Random Kryptonian says:

YEP…. welcome to tatooine!!!0:49

HunterShows says:

We have seen the future…

…of Mexico

greencityman420 says:

Nice to hear that they scrapped the 2-stroke generator.  Pun intended.

marc bell says:

Your tax dollars at work. If American personnel are so precious, perhaps it is time to give up the empire.

PixelGunner3D says:

Matre hust walk

PixelGunner3D says:

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PixelGunner3D says:

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PixelGunner3D says:

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jose ramiro marmolejo bribiesca says:

Carlos donde chingaos estamos güey.
Carlos: cálmate yo me sé el camino
Atte misa sinfonía

WegDhass says:

And here we are in the easy part of the gobi desert….a Robot Cow has been walking around meanwhile on another place in the world the Robot Cow is living in antartica

lincoln david says:

BostonDynamics you need to at least release one video of someone riding this at full speed haha

Güvencan Yildiz says:

I really wonder. All this robot. Ai or remote control?

Pete Zuhut says:

Extensive and useless

nonname123 Multi Gamer says:

Saddle on and you're set

Adam Harrison says:

Fallout 5 looks good

Wait and See says:

put a saddle on that thing and ride it


atv is soo out of style

Paladin Mason says:

epic scifi story about a lonely wanderer and his robofriend

bryson Phillip says:

is it supposed to be a rhinoceros

One Minute Architecture says:

you almost feel sorry for it

Dev Sorrell says:

If that thing can carry 400 pounds, I wouldn't be walking, I'd be riding it!

Lenny Face says:

That looks like a fallout cutscene xD the rusty robot, with the camo-guy…

Young Rich says:

i would ride that fucker into combat

On The Road Again says:

Wouldn't it be cool to be a space cowboy riding on one of those things?

Sergei Konovalov says:

that compressor sound?

MrWalker8800 says:

Does it Run on Sun Energy? Cause That would be useful for the Desert part! X3

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