Lecture 1.1 — What Is Machine Learning — [ Machine Learning | Andrew Ng ]

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Jerry Kuri Mandara says:

Thank you Andrew. Your presentations are insightful and yet simple to follow. Such a huge fan of your work in ML, DL and AI.

crjacinro says:

is this the same course as in coursera?

Mohit Kamble says:

pls can someone help me with What are the pre-requisites for this course?

Abdelrhman Shokr says:

is this the same as his course on coursera ? (machine learning with Andrew NG ) or is it a different one ?

Pradeep Kumar says:

thanks for such a video
Guys check this amazing series of lecture on Machine Learning with real life examples

Chris Cockrell says:

1959 – Arthur Samuel with checkers. He permuted to find bad move probability. Experience to improve probability.


Better to learn from coursera as it is available free there by Andrew Ng. Machine Learning By Andrew Ng, Stanford University.
Many of viewer don't know that this course is more then 5 years old and still the best on the internet. Do not feel that the material is old, it still the same if you compare with today. This course on coursera is made interactive and bunch of mentors are there to help you out. Plus his own community available on disscussion forum. Therefore I would suggest that people who are watching or starting this playlist should go to original place.

Ерман Кулумбет says:

Stewie's voice from Family guy )

Ansh Parashar says:

Prerequisites for this course? And where i could fulfill those

Petar Ceho says:

ok lets get some hand dirty haha , shit this is gonna be excited !

Briggs M says:

Anyone else here to learn to defeat the machines when they come? 😏
— John Connor

Oliver Schneider says:

no human has the patience to play 10000 games. This makes me feel ashamed of my 10000 games of dota 2

P .Yannick says:

"I actually think he came out with this definition just to make it rhyme"

Sanjay Romey says:

Is this the same as the machine learning course offered in coursera?

Beltus Nkwawir says:

Short easy article on introduction to machine learning. https://beltus.github.io/vision/blog/what-is-machine-learning/

Christopher D. says:

How does Stanford such a big school have such a lousy microphone.

Huy Le says:

Does anyone have slides of couse???

Lio Bojos says:

This is the holy grail right here.

Kaushik Donthi says:

Wait, so was Arthur Samuels a good checkers player or not?

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