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How is a total beginner supposed to get started learning machine learning? I’m going to describe a 3 month curriculum to help you go from beginner to well-versed in machine learning. Its an accelerated learning plan, something i’d create for myself if I were to get started today, but I’m going to open source it for you guys. This curriculum will cover all the math concepts, the machine learning theory, and the deep learning theory to get you up to speed with the field as fast as possible. If anyone asks how to best get started with machine learning, direct them to this video!

Curriculum from this video:

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Month 1

Week 1 Linear Algebra
Week 2 Calculus
Week 3
Week 4 Algorithms

Month 2

Week 1
learn python for data science
Math of Intelligence
Intro to Tensorflow

Week 2
Intro to ML (Udacity)–ud120

Week 3-4
ML Project Ideas

Month 3 (Deep Learning)

Week 1
Intro to Deep Learning

Week 2
Deep Learning by Fast.AI

Week 3-4
Re-implement DL projects from my github

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Jabrils says:

Very cool suggestions man! I need to apply some of these 馃榾

Walk With Knowledge says:

I understand…
how fast his learning speed is….馃檮

Skull Greymon says:

How about you use this advices for yourself to start with

mohamadou bah says:

This video is priceless

Bianca Banks says:

I'm on this path. honestly 2x speed is definitely too much for me, but I understand that this video was a recommendation. I am not a math person and it's been a few years but I really want to learn machine learning. I spent 3 weeks on linear algebra. Gilbert Strang is an excellent teacher. I'm now on the first EDX course. Thank you for putting this together. It's amazing what we can learn for free.

Rachit Singh says:

awesome video siraj, thank you for clearing my path as well

Aaron Rebelo says:

does this need updating in 2020?

TechnoBotic says:

Hi, Really nice video. Great Stuff, Really Liked it !! 馃檪 Well done Siraj.
Top 10 Free Books for Machine Learning and Data Science is a short video to discuss free books available on the internet on the subject of machine learning data science and artificial intelligence.

In this video different free online books, that related to Python Programming, Machine Learning, and Data Science are discussed.

Avinash Prasad says:

Algorithmic Design Course (WEEK 4) is not available anymore on Coursera…where should i learn it ?

In the life of: Podcast says:

You have changed my life dude. I'm a chemical engineering student and I love this shit. the field is too young to have a dedicated degree in new Zealand and I did not want to be box myself in with software engineering when I really only want to do ml so now I feel I have a pathway without having to do that. you fucking legend I wish I could hug you.

Nuwan Liyanage says:

If I don't have any computer science background, should I be taking some other courses before doing the 3 month program described in the video?

Hugo atm says:

are these resources enough for me to start landing a job as a machine learning engineer?

maklieri ladosaxlebi says:

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Fawaz A says:

Is there anyone who has finished the three months down here ?

Haya Lawansah says:

Challenge accepted 馃榾 this looks hard and cool in the same time , Thanks for this amazing plan

Leon Hoang says:

Amazing bro. I watched this at 2x speed

arjun kashyap says:

Those who actually followed this curriculum know that doing Linear algebra alone could take upto a month easily (If done properly).
Maybe Sriraj made this video intentionally as a bait to get us started learning ..

Paolo Ranit says:

Hi Big Fan here, Do you happen to have some alternative for Month 1 week #4?

Adithyan CB says:

Bro it will b a great opportunity for me to learn from u.bro will u b my teacher


Gilbert Strong really strong

Rajiv Teja Nagipogu says:

Siraj: You don't need a PhD.

Also Siraj: Talks only about people who HAS a PhD.

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