Learn AI In 60 Minutes | An introduction to artificial intelligence for students and educators

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Welcome to the “Learn AI In 60 Minutes” virtual workshop, hosted by A.I. For Anyone and Mark Cuban Companies!

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Schedule of Events:
1. Introduction
2. Workshop Presentation
3. Q&A
4. Details about how to get involved with A.I. For Anyone and Mark Cuban Foundation

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Rahul Das says:

To get started in data science or artificial intelligence, should you have a strong base of python? Or another coding language, just wondering for someone who is interested in data science but has no background (I’m a Econ major so I don’t have a background in it unfortunately)

Thé SHZ X says:

I clicked the video to watch 60 min, but it is 1:00:45

Gidget says:

At what age can you attend mark cuban/bootcamp

Abhisek Saha says:

Abhisek Saha/ Tufanganj College/ abhisek.nbu@gmail.com

Abhisek Saha says:

Abhisek Saha Tufanganj w abhisek.nbu@gmail.com

0900 wow says:

Hello! My name is Kamila
Please support me in becoming a Data Scientist here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/woman-in-ai-yes-i-can-education-of-my-dreams/

Joseph Karuga says:

Thanks a lot for the training.

Marcos Levy says:

Susbscribed, I'm from Panama want to start studying AI and then try to apply it in my country. Thanks.

Sri P says:

This is not learning..its Understanding AI in 60mins

QuHarrison Terry says:


Ian Misner says:

7:20 for anyone on mobile trying to find where the video actually starts

satish kesavan says:

Fantastic Session Guys! You are all so young with amazing clarity in your thoughts on this subject. I certainly learnt something today. ANI vs AGI… Cheers.

Alex says:

Nice commercial for Amazon and Google


M from India …but honestly it is excellent session thank you all guys for awesome effort.

Devansh Lakhani says:

superb thank you posting it after going live

Zayden Ashraf says:

Sub to tiger bros

Zayden Ashraf says:

Sub to tiger bros

Jennifer Lo says:

Thanks for making this lesson. I'm so torn with many others on AI integration in our world. The Pro is of course convenience — I do love how tech is improving all industries from food systems and agriculture, to operating businesses more efficiently, to shopping and delivery, to smart homes, to learning and connecting with people from all over the world. I opted-in to CLEAR early on for flying because I knew my face/eyes/biometrics were inevitably going to be scarped one way or another, and used for marketing-sales and surveillance. Can't we just stop at cellphone tracking for cashier-less stores, why do we need facial recognition cameras too? If one day I'm hiking and a loudspeaker screams "JENNIFER LO, DO NOT STRAY FROM THE TRAIL" then all freedom is gone.

So how does one support a 5G world and trust that those in power won't use it against us? I feel like a peasant. In China, it's a scary dictatorship and have been sadly enslaving their people for a long time. Although we are all a bit enslaved to systems, at least in the Western World it's not right in our faces… not yet.

My optimism lies in humanity evolving as it seems to be doing, that our values shift towards using technology for beneficial causes. Tech-power is a double edged sword and fully dependent on who directs its global uses.

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