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Komatsu intelligent Machine Control technology provides solutions to help customers become more productive. Its a sure formula for an unmatched efficiency improvement. More Productive Today and in the Future.



Kyle Kayser says:

I use this system what they don't tell you is it won't let you hog dirt!!! It's useful but needs further refining good for checking grade but can't compete with skill.

Roland Burgos says:

Hola Buenas!!, necesito adquirir información técnica de esta tecnología, ¿dónde la consigo?

Phú Thọ Ngọc Thảo says:

A cho e Sđt a được k ak

Leonard Johnson says:

Excellent cinematic ,symphonic ,surround sound and innovative earth moving excavation engineering concepts I could feel , enjoy this video ,*** .

Construction Publications says:

Have you calculated an estimated time saving per hour?

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