Kai-Fu Lee on Global Tech Regulation & How AI Will Transform The World

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Sep.14 — Kai-Fu Lee, former Google China President, Sinovation Ventures CEO & “AI 2041” author speaks with Emily Chang to discuss how artificial intelligence will transform society in twenty years and the impact of regulation on the world’s largest tech companies.


Graham Ashe says:

In 1997 when IBM’s Deep Blue defeated then world champion Garry Kasparov at chess under tournament conditions, experts were saying human-level general AI would be achieved “within 20 years”. Did it happen? Nope.

InvestMore says:

Great interview! Long A.I.

Alonso A. says:

Wait why are we listening to this guy?

John Smith says:

Does anyone realize how impressive that is to speak so clearly and eloquently about philosophical issues in a second language. Well done Mr Lee.

Billy Keed says:

Brave new world huh

Chuck Silva says:

Emily Chang is a pro! Refreshing….

Mad Professor says:

South Park said it best…

"Dey took our jebs!"

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