JuliaSim FMU Accelerator App: Digital Twin Generation using Scientific Machine Learning (SciML)

Julia Computing delivers JuliaSim as an answer to accelerating simulations through digital-twin (or surrogate) modeling. By blending classical, physical modeling with advanced scientific machine learning (SciML) techniques, JuliaSim provides a next-generation platform for building, accelerating, and analyzing models.

00:00 Julia Computing introduction
00:46 How JuliaSim solves industrial modeling challenges
03:59 Real-world success with JuliaSim
04:51 Example model
05:37 Launching JuliaSim’s FMU Accelerator
06:29 Surrogatizing the example model
08:46 Analyzing the surrogate model via diagnostic dashboard
15:25 Workflow integration review
15:53 JuliaSim as a fully-featured simulation platform
16:09 Cost versus Benefit

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