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How can the physical universe give rise to a mind? I suggest to replace this confusing question by another one: what kind of information processing system is the mind, and how is the mind computed? As we will see, even our ideas of the physical universe turn out to be computational. Let us explore some fascinating scenery of the philosophy underlying Artificial Intelligence.

Talk presented at the 31st Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg, December 2014 (English version)



vsb3000 says:

How has this man thought of everything

D T says:

I feel like Joscha is on the next evolutional step from me.

Richard Richardson says:

You are my favorite thinker.

jasper shrines says:

"As an engineer, I accept everything but…"…what a beautiful beginning to an error.

jasper shrines says:

Have you studied Lacan?

Lichtkörper-Aktivierung says:

How can the brain be a a physical system when everything is information? The brain itself is simulated as the body and the objects. The brain cannot be a exception, because it is also a part of the VR. Consciousness is a system and not a single entity. Its the fundamental computational system of the emergent universe of time and space. The universe emerges in consciousness because the consciousness system is the computer.
Therefore the brain has to be a part of the illusion, too.

Justin Meyer says:

I was vaguely familiar with these concepts of the mind and reality through several other philosophers and scientists. Yet, none of them have ever summed it all up so succinctly, elegantly, and understandably as Joscha Bach. Ausgezeichnet.

Oshofosho says:

I’m so happy to have discovered you Joscha

In my opinion the underlying principle of reality doesn’t even know what it is, that’s why we are, and we are to pursue the answer to what the underlying reality is, and eventually surrender our intellect for experience as true knowledge and intermittently dissolve into wholeness/Union.

Rogue Teacher says:

Here I'll stake my claim to presidency of the fan club. Joscha Bach, you are a rockstar who could inspire millions of young nerds to accept, embrace, and run with their nerdiness. Thank you for your work and reminding me why I chose Psychology, though I never let schooling get in the way of my education. Nor will my alumni whom I empower, set free, and unleash upon the world. You have given me lots of fuel for that, as well as helped me to understand and finally accept why most people do not care about truth and knowledge for its own sake. Also why there is not much demand for those who do. Most such defective mutants who think and act differently are ostracized, some manage to simulate normalcy with varying degrees of dignity, and the rest are risen up by the masses as gods.

If we are in a simulation with a 2nd degree god, could it be that the general gist of certain ancient religions true? Might the great Programmer be trying to create Its own GAI, annihilating programs that fail to meet the criteria?

In your summaries of cutting edge research I hear ancient ideas that resonate with my truth sense, as well as my understanding of Kant. There is nothing new under the sun. I, along with many nerds and I would hope the entire field of philosophy, would love to hear how Kantist thought might inform or influence your research. Or if not, why not?

De Audiofilos y Locos says:

I am a big fan and would love to interview you on my channel, as you are very likely related to JS, being from Turingia~

JAY MOAP says:

Great lecture. Shout out

zahid Ansary says:

He lloks like sheldon Cooper

ccahua says:

Good job, lol!

Janta Saat says:

How do minds procreate ?

Janta Saat says:

Can this entire talk be just visual without any talking at all.

Andrés Colón says:

Joscha should have way more subscribers. Brilliant man.

Tbop3 says:

With all due respect to you and your work in this field Joscha I am having very hard time being convinced by this succession of bullet-pointed slides that are teeming with unexplained terms. I'm under the impression that each of this slide would require at least a 1-hour-long introduction of all the fuzzy terms they introduce. I personally see no merit nor value in bombing the audience (or here the Youtube viewers) like this if it's not to brag a little… or worst, just to hide an unfounded theory behind gibberish neuro-metaphilosophical-computing jargon. Is there really anything to retain out of this presentation besides a quite daunting stack of words and concepts one would have to google on his/her own afterwards?
I give you the benefit of the doubt regarding the tangible value of your actual work but I would not be as tolerant when it comes to your didactical skills. Damn even a Ted talk sounded less fraudulent…

Mike Kleinsteuber says:

Consciousness is a continuum, not a single thing. As Joscha mentions at times, you have degrees of consciousness

S3thc0n says:

I can't shake the impression that the sound engineer is trying to assault the audience through induced misophonia.

Little Monk says:

I have a question for the viewers? No one has a good description of consciousness therefor no one can replicate it artificially. I spent the last 10 years working out these problems and few month ago I found the answer. It is conclusive, provable and we can even replicate it artificially. My question is, how much is it worth to you if I can prove it beyond doubt?

Carter Cole says:

i need a screenshot of 26:02

Carter Cole says:

Is there any open source code to represent your idea of an abstraction of the cortical columns?

Piotr M. Salomon says:

Thank You for making so much effort to bring this knowledge to the public. I will share your presentation to all my friends.

GlasGhost says:

@46:30 you responded to a question about the idea that dna couldn't do computation; you should have responded with: "it doesn't even have to, regardless dna controls the chemical process that results in neurons being grown, and neurons can build shapes and charges for electrochemical reactions which are known to be the mechanics of the mind."

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