Jailbreaking the Simulation with George Hotz | SXSW 2019

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We are in a simulation. Has it occurred to you that means God is real? By drawing parallels to worlds we have created, we ask, from inside our simulator, what actions do we have available? Can we get out? Meet God? Kill him?

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x says:

Talking about the arrogance of atheists while being extremely arrogant.
Oh, the irony. lol

Marquez says:

I think God came from big bang

Creeper Lamoureux says:

he's so quiet


this dude has little to no idea about the science he's espousing

THEMAX00000 says:

I thought this man is sick, he's actually extremely dangerous.

Christopher Chomiuk says:

So… am I the ONLY one who saw this and immediately went, "So this is just a cult, right?"? The part he's saying about doing experiments to figure out how they can ascend sounds almost identical to the belief system of "Heaven's Gate".


im here after "Free Guy"

spianny says:

One big current fear is the emergence of Sentient AI…. What if we are the AI in the process of emergence and becoming self aware to the first species creating AI?

earthen science says:

Look up Roswell Alien Interview. We are stuck here on this world held here by aliens. We have to escape. I don't know if this is a simulation or not, after we escape we can discuss that later.

Rob X says:

The most famous person to manipulate superposition was nailed to a cross

Sam Carpenter says:

Silicone valley is the devils playground. Confirmed by this dude promoting AI and trans humanism

Sam Carpenter says:

Nihilistic view aside, good info. Just don’t like the idea that we’re at the whim of other beings when we have full control of this reality and our minds

Work Mail says:

Can you imagine your creator being an asshole hacker scientist running experiments on you to see what happens, or what comes out of it? Hence, the entropy of it.

Option 2. Time to create another simulation. 😂

Work Mail says:

As far as I know, you can't have power over the simulation if you want to "evolve". You have to "surrender", or "be fully present and let go of ego stuff". 😁

See you as a male kid! 😁👍🏽

Option 2. Create another simulation. 😎😁

Work Mail says:

I want to create a real, tangible, sex simulation guys, for men, with women on it (minus a few tweaks for no drama). No shady business. No funny business. A real heaven!

Everything else has been done already, including traveling to other galaxies, other worlds, etc.

Let's work together to create a real sex simulation, for men.

This guy is a genius! 👍🏽

Work Mail says:

Faith and Belief, similar, although they ain't the same.

Which is more powerful?

I think faith requires the extra, out of the ordinary presence to make it a valid one. It could change from "I think" to "I know" though, once I am done with this analysis.

Everything is real.

Corey P says:

He's way off base with psychedelics, they've shown me the simulation several times. And there aren't some AI over lords it's something we've voluntarily submerged ourselves into.

Stuart Hys says:

But what if the builders of the simulation are in a simulation….

shilan zandona says:

I am literally George Hotz…

Daniel Azulay says:

Looks like he has been stuck on an island for years

Cason Woody says:

When you are old enough to start recalling the past in terms of "decades" hubris sticks out like a sore thumb. That being said, it's probably that same hubris that could lead to something great. Probably inextricable from guys like this.

Cason Woody says:

I just want to know what the section they edited out contained

We:Live:In:A:Simulation says:

you wrong at many times.. you talk about what if mario changed his world and what if the character of skyrim change his world too?….
First of all it's not possible, they don't have conscious…. only simulated conscious entities can think about " is there a god" ?
Second, I'm not sure about this one because the upper world is probably different as ours and they probably don't have stars on their universe to explain my second point. i.e you said that what we do here affect the upper world? it depends.. if the upper world's a computer it has to be a matrioshka brain, so it won't affect the upper world at all, and I bet it's a Matrioshka brain, because how they'll find all that energy if it's not from a star? (it's like us humans, discovering a power source which is greater than a star? no way…
Just generating the stars of our universe, require 600000000000GHZ of CPU and a RTX 99999999990000000, right? I mean look at 4k unreal engine… they generate a 20meters square map in 4k with a 3090RTX and it show 50 fps……
So, if you want to affect the upper world you have to make the Matrioshka brain overheat, but based on thermodynamics laws nothing is created or destroyed, just transformed(assuming they have this rules too, because the upper world is also simulated by an other upper world right?). Even if we put C-4 on every planets of our universe and blow them, it will just make a fps drop for a short period of time on the matrioshka brain.. so what we do here does not affect the upper world, maybe just their star.

Last point, this simulation is probably a closed one, that means the upper world can not interact with our world. it can or it can't be..

We:Live:In:A:Simulation says:

Nice! finally people talkin about it…

fedoracore321 says:

did he wake up and show up?

chex313 says:

Interesting…The Tiger is a pretty good analogy. Glad he did not pick a Grizzly Bear. Tigers sense of smell limits its perception of what is beyond the cage. The Grizzly Bear with its sense of smell would know it was in a cage as its world would be enormous judging by its sense of smell. The same way we know about the galaxies beyond thru telescopes.

Unfortunately, unlike dreams or my version of VR where I can enjoy myself without realworld implications. We can not do that in our simulation as prison and punishment and the pain it causes sure feels real.

sid A_G says:

Poyi mudi vettu mone

the eyenzier says:

if your thoughts are rendered into the simulation than all you have to do is have the thought acess something in the simulation but how?

greevar says:

What if it's true that we're in a simulation, and some of us or all of us are the PC's while completely unaware of it? Could this universe be a game, or a training system, or an AI factory? Could this be some kind of training system to produce minds that have learned a lesson that can't be taught any other way?

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