Is the Matrix Possible? Analyzing Brain Interfaces in Media | BCI Guys

The Matrix captured the imaginations of millions when it was released in 1999, but one question has plagued the minds of its viewers: could The Matrix really exist? Is it possible that the brain-computer interfaces we see in this movie allow people to experience a lifelike simulation? This week, Harrison and Colin discuss the plausibility of this type of brain-computer interface and draw connections to technology similar to already existing technology.

Harrison and Colin (The BCI Guys) are neurotech researchers and entrepreneurs dedicated to creating a brain-controlled future! Neurotechnology and brain-computer interfaces are devices that allow users to control machines with their thoughts and interact with technology in new ways. This revolutionary technology will change life as we know it, and soon will be as common as the touchscreen on your smartphone. Join us in learning about the brain-controlled future!

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