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One of the world’s most interesting and largest robotics trade fairs, IREX 2023, took place in Tokyo, Japan, at the Big Sight exhibition center. This year, more than 650 companies from all over the world presented their developments at the exhibition. The theme of the exhibition “Sustainable society created by robotics” corresponds exactly to the Japanese vision of a bright future with robots. By the way, unlike Europeans, in Asia robots are assistants, not competitors. Not for nothing, in addition to the large number of standard solutions for industry and production, at IREX there were many humanoid robots and, of course, anime robots. Watch the video to the end, the future is already here!

0:00 IREX 2023
0:51 Kawasaki Heavy Industries
1:09 Kaleido 8.0
2:11 Robot Friends
3:01 Nyokkey and FORRO
3:35 Robotic Nimbus
4:09 Industrial avatars by Jinki Ittai
5:32 MoonShot home robot
6:16 long-distance love affair
6:40 Realman universal robotic arms
7:45 Living People: Robot Hatsuki
8:45 The Conoid robot by Shibaura Machine
9:26 Mini guards Ugo
10:12 The Robot Worker by Fudley
10:40 H1 by Unitree Robotics
11:41 The future of logistics from YAMAHA
12:12 New products from FANUC
12:52 Robot surgeon hinotori
13:21 Keparan the robot friend
13:48 The robot Big Clappy and his little brother Baby clappy
14:07 Magic field от IAI
14:24 Mitsubishi Electric’s Manufacturing of the Future
14:39 NVIDIA New Products
15:35 Denso robots
15:57 Universal Robots at IREX 2023

This year, more than 650 companies from around the world gathered to showcase their most cutting-edge developments under the theme “Sustainable Society Created by Robotics,” a Japanese vision of a bright future with robots. Unlike in Europe, in Asia, robots are considered assistants, not competitors, and at IREX, we saw a wide variety of robotic solutions, from humanoid to anime robots.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries surprised everyone at IREX 2022 with its “robotic goat” concept for transporting people and goods. This year, the company presented the Kaleido robot in version 8, designed primarily as a rescue robot. Kaleido, at 180 cm tall and weighing 86 kg, is capable of walking on any surface, climbing stairs and performing physical work with inhuman dexterity. It can clear debris after natural disasters, work with humans to transport large objects and provide humanitarian aid.

In addition, we met Kaleido’s younger brother, the Friends robot, designed to work in homes, hospitals and businesses. With a slimmer profile and compact motors, this robot is capable of caring for people and working safely in its environment.

Kawasaki also presented other robots, such as Nyokkey, a social robot designed to interact with people, and FORRO, an autonomous delivery robot that can move through crowds and adjust to the pace of people.

But one of the strangest robots we encountered was the “Nimbus Walking Support Robot.” This cushion on flexing legs with wheels can replicate the movements of the human body, which raises many questions about its usefulness. Leave us your suggestions and comments!

Jinki Ittai used the Kaleido platform to develop the Type 01 Kaleido ver.1.0, a controlled system for industry with force control technology, designed for heavy physical work in civil engineering and energy.

Space Heavy Work Machine, a giant robot from the same company, provides services in tasks such as maintenance of railroad tracks and power lines. It can be controlled remotely by a human operator.

In addition, a new, more compact robot was developed that combines Kaleido’s humanoid platform with Jinki Ittai’s force-controlled remote control technology, allowing intuitive and safe control.

Chinese company Realman presented amazing robots, including a Unitree robot dog with a robotic arm that mimics the human arm. They also presented the Realman Roboruka, which can be attached to different robots and is sold as a home assistant.

NVIDIA showed its Isaac Sim tool, which simulates robots and virtual environments for robot training, accelerating its development and market launch.

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