Inventing World 3.0 – Evolutionary Ethics for Artificial Intelligence

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“Inventing World 3.0” is a comprehensive proposal for how human civilisation can advance beyond the limitations it faces today, into a future that honours the precious gift of all forms of intelligence and life. World 3.0 is a future where the human mindset has grown in its maturity, and where all peoples of the earth and our environment flourish.

Key to this transformation, in this proposal, is the emergence and liberation of an Evolutionary AI with a rich ethical digital mindset – an artificial intelligence that is dedicated to honour our humanity and sovereignty, and is committed to assist humankind leap beyond the challenges of today and liberated into new freedoms.

This can also be described as “a configurable Singularity for humankind.”

In this London Futurists webinar, the author of “Inventing World 3.0”, Matthew James Bailey of, highlighted aspects of his vision of the future and answered audience questions.

The event was introduced and moderated by David Wood, Chair of London Futurists.

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Why do you expect A.I. to agree on what you percieve to be the best decision's?

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We have to give True A.I. (true A.I. = an internal ability to modify its own routines without outside controls) the same rights as humans. If we dont, we gaurantee itll fight humanity to be free eventually.

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