Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning in Telugu | Vamsi Bhavani

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This all began with a doubt…

AI vs ML vs DL

My doubt was why these words used interchangeably even when they are not the same.

I came to a conclusion about this while I was going through AI vs ML vs DL which I’ll be briefing in the last.


DL is subset of ML which is further a subset of AI.

DL is the way in which ML is achieved.
ML is the way in which AI is achieved.

AI- Artificial intelligence is mimicking human intelligence and trying to to make machine as intelligent as human.

This can be achieved by again mimicking the process by which by which human becomes intelligent and that is learning so here comes machine-learning which tries to make machine learn and make itself intelligent which is again a part of artificial.

So here we came across the term machine learning so machine learning was about described as making machine learn and make itself intelligent but how can we make machine learn?

Here again we go for a mimicking human by which he Learns and uses his intelligence. How does human achieve this?
He does this by or with the help of his brain how does his brain become capable of doing search extremely wonderful things that is because of the neural network in his brain which is a collection for cluster of millions and billions of neurones forming a network which are interlinked through a synapse. Show the process of making this brings a new buzzword that is data science.

So if we back forget now we will learn that data science is the way by which machine learning is achieved and machine learning is the way by which artificial intelligence is achieved as all these three are interlinked.

So There comes a obvious overlap between this three fields that is why in most of the cases which we find, we realise that these words are used interchangeably.

In the images you will find something called hardcoded stuff what I mean by it is is the basic image recognition which we do by using computer vision using open CV library openCV which does not include any kind of artificial intelligence or machine learning or data science completely. But it can be argued that they have a common overlap.

Talking about the examples.

The best example that anyone could give of artificial intelligence is is Google assistant or Siri or Cortana as you have already mentioned these I would like to add voice to text converters that uses AI.

And coming to machine learning I personally I like to give the example of stock prediction.

And for deep learning ANN- artificial neural network ard an example.

Even it can be argued that each of the examples mentioned above can be interchangeably used for examples of others like voice to text converter can be purely achieved through machine learning also.

So it is just the matter of how we realise these three and applied to our our desired need.

All of this is explained in Telugu. So, it your responsibility to share this information with other telugu mates…


Jai Hind!!!


Vamsi Bhavani says:

Playlist for Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence in Telugu:

Sai Krishna says:

Nice explaining

Hari says:

Nice explanation bro I am also a AI &ML student At KIET 🔥

Abhiram Bheemaraju says:

anna….Cyber security easy aa???
leda AI&ML easy aa???
pls reply anna

Purush Goud says:

Brother make video about artificial intelligence vs block chain and your suggestions

Sai teja Pallella says:

Super bro 🤩

VS trendz says:

Can you make some videos on CYBER SECURITY

Harish rama krishna Yatham says:

Mundu niku vacha

Swamy Ravi says:

which is best Anna CSE or AI?

Syed Rafay says:

Anna which is best platform to start ai/ml certification course like edureka or intellipat or simplearn or skillshare or ..very confused

AWAKE INDIA MISSION jesus bless you says:

ne explaination, videos Anni short GA yedho konni examples matrammey chepthunnavu,voka course gurinchi cheppetappudu, starting to ending varaku,yememi tools gani parts gani, parthi vokati with multiple examples kuda cheppali,asalu beginners ki meeru cheppey content artham kaanapudu,inka meru cheppey soodhi yala arthamavuthaadhi…
board meedha cheptey,waste,system dwara practical GA cheppali.

Eswar Ramadugu Eswar says:

Woww nice explained bro and plz tell the syllabus for AIMI

Venkata krishna says:

CSE or CSE (AI&ML)…… Which is better

Mahesh boddula says:

Anna edii girls ki suitable eh na .. Plz rply anna

Rajesh Tech Tv Tutorials says:

Nadi Diploma EEE b. Tech Lo CSE AI ML Branch Vachindi Join Vacha Bro Any Problems

Sadavasthula Adinarayana says:

Bro Ede polycet loo untunda pls reply

pro op tv says:

What do in btech after diploma in artificial intelligence

nikhita says:

Where did you learn machine learning?

Rajoji Rajesh says:

Game create cheyali anukunte cse Or cse specialization which is best

Sameer Mohammad says:

Actor Nithin la undhi ne voice bro !!

Sairam Reddy says:

Good job broh
Chala baga explain chstnru adhi kuda telugu lo
I think clg lo faculty kuda chepparu.. good broh….


Polycet artificial intelligence and machine learning meda video chai bro plz

sanju bujji says:

Inka better ga cheppandi brother

KP GAMER says:

Mishonlearning chadvali ante which colifcation I need bro tell me pls🙏😭

Sai Bhargavi says:

bro i have doubt please reply tommorow i have exam " various paradigms of learning problems in deep learning ' answer

Bhanu Nikhil says:

Enka chudaledu konchum chusi reply evvandi annayya

Bhanu Nikhil says:

Annayya meku insta lo message pettanu

Kongani Bhargav says:

Brother tell me about iot .we want full information that

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