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Introduction of Artificial Intelligence | Goals of AI | Reasons of Boost in AI

Artificial Intelligence Video Lectures in Hindi



Smriti says:

We need more videos on AI You teach very well….And plz make a Video on Neutral network too

Smriti says:

Watching this one day before my AI exam🙃

verma ji says:

and some of them present two times in playlist.

verma ji says:

dear management,
I have a suggestion for you to please delete your playlist and reupload it in a sequence manner.
it's helpful for student as well as you also,
starting lecture are too complex and link with lecture which presents in last position rather than starting,
most of the student leave tutorial at the initial state.

Vikram Singh says:

Sir please attach the notes of the lecture

Kunal Krishana says:

Where is your rest of the lectures on AI

easy advise says:

Kindly sir videos ko playlist ma tarteeb dy

7015 Tayyab Siddique says:

Good job Bro…

nishu sing kushwaha nisha says:

Sir Bca krne ke baad mca better hoga ya AI better hoga plz explain 🙏

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