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SpotMini is a new smaller version of the Spot robot, weighing 55 lbs dripping wet (65 lbs if you include its arm.) SpotMini is all-electric (no hydraulics) and runs for about 90 minutes on a charge, depending on what it is doing. SpotMini is one of the quietest robots we have ever built. It has a variety of sensors, including depth cameras, a solid state gyro (IMU) and proprioception sensors in the limbs. These sensors help with navigation and mobile manipulation. SpotMini performs some tasks autonomously, but often uses a human for high-level guidance. For more information about SpotMini visit our website at



Murray de Jager says:

It brings me great peace-of-mind to know that future armies of autonomous robots will be easy to defeat with banana peels.

Wandering man says:

At least it can fetch me a beer. ??

delatroy says:

So in the future humans won’t even be able to clean houses for income .__.

Mishn0 says:

If it had two head-arms it would be a Pierson's Puppeteer.

Nitrax_ExtazyGray says:

Can i have one plz ?

LeoGreck says:

It helps doing the dishes how mutch?

Miles Caddick says:

Ah yes. A very good boy

Nynyn Djdjd says:

Why don’t we just send these to Mars ?

Yaboicory says:

0:50 me when I have no homework

ReVuNioN Games says:

Почему я ору с этих собак

Regin The Hoayl says:

I want one of these

Ciarán Farley-Toone says:

how long is the battery life on these things?

BlockBusterBPL says:

1:27 you're welcome

CalebM Pegues says:

For some reason, I feel like this is fake. Because whenever this dog is around a person, they don't react or interact except at the end.

CaveCrafterHD says:

skynet is real

Catelin Plays says:

Jeaus take the wheel

Jenn G. says:

No way that thing could be in my house!

jeff the slime says:

Can this be my furrsona

ilikeceral3 says:

They put googly eyes on the dog

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