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Spot is a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. Spot has a sensor head that helps it navigate and negotiate rough terrain. Spot weighs about 160 lbs.



SoopaFlyism says:

And of course Chinese companies are stealing the design…
Laikago from Unitree:

Jueying from Zhejiang University:
Why can't they make original products? Where is their honor?

Ciarán Farley-Toone says:

whats the battery life like and how long do they take to charge?

cancelado inativo says:

Ja estamos no futuro

zachsplace says:

This is that robot from black mirrors grandfather

Offizieller Kanal von Doggen - Tee ™ says:

Horizon Zero Dawn definitely has the best graphics!

Сергей Панов says:

How much? We bye for education simple robots like

!Very simple!

Anthony Dukes says:

Implement Order 66

Emily Wong says:

he's so cute! he's like trot trot trot

Phriendship says:


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