Introducing FinChat – ChatGPT for Finance

FinChat is a generative AI tool that will provide you with information on 750+ companies and 100+ super investors.

It is your powerful equity analyst assistant.

Here is how it can supercharge your finance career.
Unlike traditional ChatGPT, FinChat is trained on:
📊 Up to date financial data
🎙️ Earnings call transcripts
📆 Quarterly + annual reports
🏦 13Fs
📚 Investing books
🎯Granular business KPIs
Plus, it will provide the this information in it’s response with a link to the source.

To give you an idea of what we have provided the AI to work with, here are just some examples:
– 3500+ pages of letters from Warren Buffett
– Years of transcripts, filings and reports from 750+ companies
– 10,000+ company specific metrics
This will 10X in the next few weeks 💪 is in Version 1.1, but already capable of the following:
1) Providing granular financial data like KPIs.
“Hey FinChat, how many Disney+ subscribers are there?”
2) Providing super investor strategies and holdings.
“Tell me what famous investor Terry Smith holds in his portfolio”
3) Get context from management.
“What does Mark Zuckerberg think about efficiency?”
4) Summarize specific business strategies and where their competitive advantage may be (with the data to back it up!)
“What is Amazon’s warehouse and logistics strategy?”

Some prompt tips:
👋 Most importantly, be specific! The more specific and context you can provide FinChat, the better the answers.
👋 If you don’t think that was the answer you were after, try again with a similar prompt.
👋 Ask for the exact data points you are after.