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Intelligent Technology Modern Cow Milking Hay Bale Feeding Cleaning Fun LOL Machine Transportation Straw Feeder
Intelligent technology smart animal husbandry farming. Modern cow transportation machines, farm, latest technology. Cow feeding – hay bales, straw, silage, goat. World Amazing Modern Agriculture Equipment and Mega Machines, oversize load etc. Videos from EU: Denmark and other countries. Watch!

Intelligent Technology Modern Funny Cow Automatic Milking, Hay Bale Feeding, Cleaning, Transportation, Smart Farming Automatic Mega Machine, Loader, Tractor, Forklift Fun LOL

Tractor brands and manufacturer / Traktor, Trecker bzw. Schleppermarken und Hersteller: z.B. JACTO, Delvano Euro, Fendt, John Deere, Samson, Kubota, New Holland, Claas, Massey Ferguson, Case IH, Deutz Fahr, Valtra, Ford, Steyr, VERSATILE, JCB, CAT, Grimme, Merlo, Dewolf, Holaras, Lemken, Valmet, SCARAB, KAWASAKI, Yanmar, DOLBI, BROUWER, Krone, Picus, Jeantil, Sitrex, Premier, YASKAWA, MOTOMAN, STAALKAT, Atom, Gamber, Lely, SOYEZ, VOLVO, Smyth, DOOSAN, WEIDEMANN, HYUNDAI, MAN, MB, BELAZ, KOMATSU, Warrior, GOODYEAR, Trelleborg, Michelin Tires uvm.

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Интеллектуальные технологии, разумное животноводство и фермерство. Современные технологии транспортировки коров, приспособление для кормления коров, современные оборудованные грузовики для перевозки скота. Смешные приколы с коровами и быками. Видео из ЕС: Дания и др. Смотрим!

Inteligente tecnología inteligente Agricultura Automático vaca ordeño máquina alimentación limpieza

Tecnología Inteligente Moderno Transporte de Vacas

Tecnología inteligente de la ganadería inteligente de cría. Máquinas modernas de transporte de vacas, granja, la última tecnología. Alimentación de la vaca – pacas de heno, paja, ensilaje.


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Joey's Chin Licker says:

Imagine you were being milked in this forced milking camp

مع سهام says:

مع سهام سلام اخي ممكن تزيل بلاغ على قناتي لانة ؤوتيوب يريد اغلاقها وشكرا

🤘JOKER🤘 says:

Nice video👍

JJ Johnson says:

All inhumane, cruel, cattle do not moan when comfortable, they in misery. Stop button non organic milk products or any flesh products that do not let animals graze, be free on dirt, they forced to live on concrete & put up with these despicable painful devises. Praying God destroy all these gaming Big AG businesses!

Mdi Gamesplayer says:

It's awesome video

Босс Boss says:

Бедные коровы

Jayo Delaware says:

What a stupid life humans created..just nuke the whole damn industry

Why Oh Why says:

Cows: doesn't make noises or any indication they were in pain during the milking process

People: "tHeY'rE iN pAiN!"

Xelya says:

You don't need to be a genius to understand that cow's milk is made for calves, not humans. Try Almond milk, Oat Milk, Hemp Milk, Soy Milk, Coconut Milk, Rice Milk…. etc. etc. etc….

Maher 33687 says:

This is not intelligent this is just sad 0

Justin Ingram says:

Intelligent technology? More like slavery and free labor

RashelShell R says:

They used to 👌🏼 now they 🤖

Lenny says:

Yum yum cow puss and loaded with estrogen really good for you

Lotus Boyanton says:

It hurts the animals because they only eat grain, and no exercise, live in stinky farm house, we don’t need cow milk, cow milk is for calf’s, not humans

Royalty_ Friends-gaming says:

Is this a factory bc its really dangerous

Fatmire Fazliu says:

Ku esht kjo ferm

Vijay Kumar P says:

Vijay Kumar

gary kom says:

ما شاء الله

gary kom says:

What's this!!!

Tatiana Rodriguez says:

Terrible que crimen. Ojala fueran ellos a los que torturaran de esa manera desgraciados de humanos no tienen nada…

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