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Intelligent Farming Agriculture Technology,Smart Farming – Amazing Homemade Invention Machine


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Ten Frajer says:

6:58 what is it?? please I need this

Nastymane Trinidad says:

Hi good video and nice
I nasty i am bloger to pls visit my chanel Nastymane Trinidad and watch my video in the philipines watch the machines fore agriculture

Scott B says:

Non of these are made for the American farmer we don't do the walk behind

Dinesh Himachali says:

Scooter se khetii, स्कूटर से खेती

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pk mahant says:

Ghans Marne Wali Dwa Pr Prtibndh Honi Chaiye,,Bechare Janwr Chare Ke Liye Tars Rahe Hain🙏

Living Tamil says:

Super bro nice video

ucin kecil says:

Be succes

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