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How is our relationship with ever changing AI shaping our lives in the digital age? Fintan explores how and why we need to we ensure this powerful tool is used for good and not sinister purposes. Fintan is an entrepreneur who runs a successful, international intranet software business. He has built a in-depth knowledge of Enterprise technology and is passionate about Open Source, open standards and how technology can help humanity.

He is a regular speaker on Open Source, cyber security, blockchain, AI and how they fit in to complex organisations like UK central and local governments. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at



Ian Windle - Inspiring Leadership says:

Great talk Fintan!!

hhgttg says:

You just had to bring politics and Trump into your presentation. Research Milankovitch cycles and the grand Solar minimum. Our present day civilization is very short sighted when it comes to the grand scale of time and the Earth. The Inca's knew about the Earth's movement and climate. They built stone monuments as well. We ignore that knowledge and in the name of power and money came up with APGW. There might be climate change, but Man has nothing to do with it. Trump might be unpopular but he is correct.

I will agree with you on AI making decisions. AI is not there yet, and may never be there. The human brain is capable of very fast and complicated decisions. Is it not about killing one of 3 people, sometimes a slight reduction in speed or change in direction can solve the problem, or honk the horn to cause ancillary reactions. Or the problem might go away on its own. I had exactly this situation. Drywall was lifting off the roof of a Van and was about to fall into traffic behind the Van, my vehical. This was on a bridge and a cross wind blew the drywall off the side of the bridge. No way AI is going to know the threat was drywall or the cross wind was a significant factor in altering the trajectory of the drywall. My brain already had 3 solutions the moment the drywall started to lift off.

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