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Making a Python Machine Learning program that predicts the stock market! Hope you enjoyed this video.
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Preston Buchanan says:

I loved this video! Could you put this code up on GitHub?

Peter Trader says:

Sorry to distroy your dreams, but this is not that easy. Predicting stocks or the forex is a hard job. and 98% accuracy is not reachable. Especially not with linear regression. If you happen to have an AI with over 60% on the long term, you are a rich guy!

saurabh jain says:

The differences are too too huge for any intraday trader kind of make or break. If you go by percentage variance that's over 1% for sure and that's how much an average stock moves.

Nitish Tikoo says:

hey bro how old are you?

Nothing is Permanent says:

So, how much money you made till now?
It has been a

Clicer Gaming says:

post on GitHub please

Nishant Bhat says:

Why are you being soo unfair on our right ears!

Sidharth Singhal says:

What’s your age??

diamond says:

So basically you took some points and draw a line

Garnet King says:

Hi, How can one get in touch with you. I'd want to ask something about the data ?

Sourav Jha says:

accuracy is poor man…use xg boost

A. Winath says:

Nice effort to predict the stock market.

By using regression model to model stock market you are first of all violating one important assumptions,i.e the independence assumption. As you may know, the stock market data is time-series data, which mean dependent observation. The second observation, is about your accurarcy? i do not know how you calculated it, but the observed difference between predicted and true observatie is shown to be high, so im wondering why your accurry is so good?

in any case good luck!

spencer collins says:

Do it for a year with that accuracy and maybe ill believe it

Jia Beida says:

98% accuracy. 2% of $1783 = $41. A difference of $41 is huge. The 98% theme is wrong. This system using linear regression is just a child play….

If anyone uses this to do trading, he is asking for trouble.

There are many good predictive methods.

Ashdeep Singh says:

its so simple

Borsig Alee says:

Thx for nothing

Global Info Tech says:

Here is what you need to see to build stock prediction app

Global Info Tech says:

Here is what you need to see to build stock prediction app

Beware says:

Very impressive, but unfortunately your model is inaccurate and you are not calculating your accuracy correctly. I trust that you will figure it out, you're very clever!

Pengfei Song says:

Pure garbage.

Andrew Green says:

This is fake.

Forward Plans says:

Is this a forward chaining or backward chaining system? When you enter the Actual prices that occurred, that price and associated information should be "learned" by the system and applied as knowledge in making future decisions. Does your app do this?

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