Humanist Community Forum (2015-08-02): What Happens when Computers are Smarter than Humans?

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Longtime Humanist Community member, and Board member, Marc Perkel will discuss his following beliefs and questions: If humanity ever invents Artificial Intelligence that is smarter than we are, it will be the last thing we’ll ever invent. That’s because the AI will do the inventing far faster than we ever could. This raises a lot of philosophical questions. When will AI be smarter than us? Sooner than you think!

What will it be like to not be the smartest species on the planet? Will the robots kill us off? What values will we teach AI to get it started? Why should humanity continue to exist once we create a superior species. Will we be able to pull the plug on it – or will it be able to pull the plug on us? Is Humanism limited to just humans? Do we need Religion for Robots? Shouldn’t we answer these questions BEFORE we create the AI?


Chris Namaste says:

He brings up the use of Nuclear weapons in WWII being thought through. While it inflicted horror and killed hundreds of thousands in the Pacific theater it most likely saved more lives, even Japanese ones, then the alternatives. When you take into account the totality of the situation Truman faced it made the most sense at the time. An interesting question is what would this AI have done….

Chris Namaste says:

A human brain/mind connectome moved to an "upgraded self" on an AI platform is about right for the uber elite who can afford to do it….

Chris Namaste says:

Unfortunately the breakthrough is unlikely to happen. What institution will carry it Forward? Who will decide? There is no Leviathan to make the decision. There will be little decisions made all over by powerful self-interested (corrupt) parties and when crisis happens the decisions will be decided by default by those in power.

Chris Namaste says:

Will this value system be pluralistic or not? That is will there be more than one species on earth or will there be more than one type of Human? Will "suboptimal" values be permitted.?

Chris Namaste says:

We are going to have to revisit very soon all of the issues on "Human Rights" that have been punted on so as not to upset anyone.

Chris Namaste says:

The answer is that the powerful will no longer need the extra 7 billion on the planet. I guess the hunger games would be a good result….

colonyofcells iamamachine2 says:

There's probably no way to stop the evolution of the smarter or the evolution of better forms of life that might supplant the human species. All species do go extinct sooner or later and creating replacements might actually be a good idea.

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