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In the last five years, significant advances were made in the fields of computer vision, speech recognition, and language understanding. In this talk, Jeff Dean discusses why and how these advances have come about, what the implications are for areas as diverse as robotics, healthcare, human creativity and computer hardware design, and why these possibilities are so exciting.

Jeff Dean is a Senior Fellow in Google’s Research Group, where he leads the Google Brain project. His areas of interest include large-scale distributed systems, performance monitoring, compression techniques, information retrieval, application of machine learning to search and other related problems, microprocessor architecture, compiler optimizations, and development of new products that organize existing information in new and interesting ways.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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Kiri Daren says:

I believe that robots will have the intelligence to question humans who enslave them.

freecat beme says:

I am really afraid of this. and when I saw the slaughterbots well I wanted to throw up.what is being done with a.i. is SICKENING.

Obinna Omego says:

AI is dangerous

Mara Star says:

I am unbelievably excited 😀

Yper Man says:

It will be weaponised and used to make money on the stock markets probably causing economic chaos as it does so. Or that is what President Barack Obama thought…

Wilma Swanepoel says:

When God made man….he breathed his spirit into man…..what spirit will be breathed into this robots. They know thy want to invoke demons into this robots eventually to control us… vigilant be awake…Repent for Jesus is coming soon..

Ruth Sims says:

how is a new nodel upated to the quality of advamced speed to improve internet up to date speed?

AngeLaura H says:


victor christensen says:

Guys come on he keeps saying we as in his affiliation because they are still in control and they are still programming in new sub routines. I agree a.i. is a threat but let's not jump to crazy conclusions or else we just end up sounding crazy and no one will listen.
Now I've mentioned this before but no one has responded or had a similar idea. But is it possible to merge artificial biology with artificial intelligence. Let me explain. What if we create an a.i. that has chemical input for the decisions it makes. For instance let's say we program our a.i. to receive a dose of dopamine and seretonin when it figures something out, that those chemicals are released into a synthetic membrane which is connected in unison with the artificial intelligence. Just think about all the decisions humans make based off of chemical input vs rational thinking. So then over time once it has its own consciousness we also have it programmed to where Everytime it helps a human and protects a human it receives major dose of dopamine and seretonin and any time it scares or hurts a human even by mistake it receives chemicals that envoke guilt pain and suffering. Now these are all human emotions but can't we translate that into code some how? That good deeds help a.i. and make it happy. And bad deeds hurt the a.i. and limit it's functions for a period of time. I dunno just a random thought to try and find a solution to a.i. control.

Funny Sammy serra says:

AI is going to kill the human race! And we can't stop them !

Gaby Kapps says:

I do believe scientists do not possess long term thinking. They think in numbers and statistics. After which they bask in the light of a God complex. truly convinced of the infallibility of their thought patterns.

Gaby Kapps says:

F… greed in business is so blind.

bekanav says:

Few things are as important for creativity than repetitive work. Having more "free" time doesn't help creativity.

I see two possibilities 1) AI will suffocate us with it's creativity 2) AI creativity is not interesting. Very probably AI creativity is interesting and better than humans can achieve, so it will surpass the best we are able to do.

So our future seems sicker, more sad, less productive and less creative than ever. AI will make people sick – the more intelligent people the sicker they will be. Future is for dummies and AI.

QueensLadyDay says:

Get the pitchforks! This guy is assisting in the destruction of the Human Being on this planet!

Larence gagland says:

Now I know why the most High God or Alien God, locked man in this Dimension.

Bonnie says:

Google is Skynet ??????

Wes Parsons says:

How long will a greater intelligence condescend to be the servant of its inferiors?

Wes Parsons says:

Here is your secular humanist apocalypse.

Dutch Flats says:

This guy is playing with fire and his parents never taught him about matches. What jobs does he see humans doing in the future, servicing the robots….maybe? There won't be anymore human doctors, accountants, inventors, pilots, or just about any other job description you can think of. The researchers working on AI are "summoning the Demon" as Elon Musk puts it. For those of us old enough to remember, they're playing the part of Mickey Mouse in the Sourcerer's Apprentice from Fantasia only there won't be anyone to turn off the water.
AI + Robotics = End of Human Race?

Joe Shlubbs says:

Biology will fall and mankind will die with the rise of the machines.

circusboy90210 says:

Our intelligence will be stolen by robots because the mica need for Original thought .I lover we are still thousands of years away from your horrible Nightmare

circusboy90210 says:

You know you say limit is many days labor. But maybe those people look for tours that work. It is not a necessary part of business .Keyword there is business and business as in keeping busy having something to do. Stop trying to eliminate the human from the equation .

Deejay Core says:

AI by it's self is proving we too have a maker…evolution can't start on it's own…the original information has to start from somewhere.God in our case…Mankind in the case of AI

John Doe says:

Simple it wile end your life . Remember most important for google . That is all you need to understand

felix thecat says:

but jeff u didnt answer the question in the title

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