How Voice Search can Lift your business

How Voice Search can Lift your business

Voice Search is now everywhere to hear.

Even a ten-year-old kid knows how to use this technology to search in Google.

Surveys have predicted that 32% of people aged 18–64 use this very technology on a daily basis. Save your business to get ignored if it is a big task to type then you should optimize it for voice search properly.

If you don’t have any idea about this topic, don’t worry we will tell all the know-how about it.

What is Voice Search and how it works?

Voice Search is a technology that allows users to search via voice input instead of typing. It is based on the concept of Automatic Speech Recognition which automatically converts speech to text. Then Google recognizes that input as a simple text and processes it further with what it does best.

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A Speech Recognition technique undergoes four phases:

· Filters the sound: It allocates the user-specific voice from other noises of surroundings.

· Digitization: The sound wave is converted to digital data.

· Voice analysis: The date is then being processed.

· Pattern Recognition: The query is compared to the samples in the databases.

There is no second thought in it that the most advanced ASR systems belong to Google. The AI on which Google’s speech recognition is based collects data from users and gathers millions of samples to create a model. Then all the new voice queries are compared to that voice model.

Millions of processed samples enable the system to recognize the accents, different intonations, and other different individual speech details. It is quite difficult for a new ACR to differentiate between the same sounds but different meanings such as “you’re right” and “you write”. But the intelligent one can clearly differentiate between both the words based on the context they have been used for. Today Google’s speech recognition technique can transform voice into text with 95% accuracy.

People generally use two types of devices to perform voice search:

1. Mobile Phones: Voice assistants enabled mobile phones are used such as OK Google, Siri, Alexa, Cortana etc.

2. Voice first Gadgets: Some devices that only work with voices such as Google Home, Amazon echo, Apple HomePod etc.

The very first thing that you must know about voice-first search is SERPs. You will get only one answer for your query: no TOP 10, no knowledge graph, and no related questions. A user requests a verbal query and a smart speaker read out loud a single answer for it.

Now the question is:

Are smart speakers overtaking the search?

Based on the study, experts believe it to be a boom in the technological era of innovations. The logic behind it is very simple, the more people will use the voice-driven gadget, the more will be the voice searches. So soon we will be dealing with no screen searches.

However, most of the voice-driven gadgets refer to the voice commands rather than searching by voice. But what here to know is necessary is that before you join the Voice search race analyze it that whether it will profit your business or not.

What kind of business will get benefit out of it?

According to researches, more than half of the respondents use voice input search while driving. Local businesses are expected to be the most affected by voice search emergence.

Studies even reported that the top 5 businesses searched by voice are cafes, groceries, places with takeaway options, clothing stores, and hotels. As per the study, 48% of respondents use it daily.

Voice Search SEO is a big deal for a local business: Approximately half of the respondent look for a local business use voice search. That is why local businesses is the way to survive in the fast and challenging business.

Restaurants and Cafes fall under the most searched category.

Optimize Voice Search: If you have given it a thought of using voice search for your business then voice search SEO will improve the overall search visibility of the website.

General SEO for voice search:

For voice search optimization you need complete SEO setups. So, what all points are worth giving attention?

· Moving to HTTPS: Maximum ratio of the Google Home results are secured with HTTPS.

· Building a domain authority: The ahrefs domain rating of the result is approx. 76%.

· Indexability and Crawlability of your website page: Ensures that Google robot can access all the required pages.

· Page Speed: Voice search enables the pages to appear 50% faster than average pages.

Content Optimization for voice search:

· Voice Assistants read snippet out load: If there is a simple structured query question, the SERP will automatically contain an instant answer. In this scenario, the assistant will read out the answer to the user.

· Google Search does not provide keywords for voice search: We are unaware of the queries people use while searching by voice. Here we can only depend upon the best practices suggested by voice search SEO pioneers and improvise it accordingly.

Final Words

Voice Search is a technology that has been already introduced and is even expected to grow more in the coming years. Voice Search SEO is tightly coupled with local and mobile optimization. This ensures that some pages will definitely appear in Featured Snippets.

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