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Learn from experts how to succeed with AI and automation. Watch the full recording of UiPath Live!

See Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in action with this end-to-end invoice automated workflow powered by UiPath. Watch the robot performing the following actions:
– monitoring and reading invoices in a PDF format,
– extracting key information,
– opening and filling in invoice details in SAP,
– sending email notifications, as well as other background activities.

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UiPath says:

Learn from experts how to succeed with AI and automation. Watch the full recording of UiPath Live!

dtron cool says:

Ocr tech is not 100 percent accurate and you still have set up the gl codes, what about allocations based on team members. This might work on 80 percent of simple invoices but not on more complex invoices. Thia tech has been stagnant over the last 5 years

Melwyn Rodrigues says:

The music is so distracting. Please remove it.

Codermom NL says:

Hmm, this is a very "happy flow". What if some of the unstructured data is not (correctly) recognized by the AI enabled OCR bot and entered in SAP? I'm assuming the bot will stop and someone will have to intervene manually. Would therefore love to see some more realistic "unhappy path" use cases as well.


RPA is definitely the future, but what is RPA all about? Why and where should we use RPA? Here’s an article that breaks it all down. Hope it helps you!

Ramdhan RM says:

This is amazing! I want it! The thing that I searched for whole time.

Sushil Sharma says:

Also, check similar yet intelligent Intelligent Document Processing AI : KlearStack. KlearStack is an AI-based platform that helps Accounting teams across industries to automate the data capture and data entry from Financial documents such as Invoices, Purchase Orders, Receipts, etc. and seamlessly integrates with the existing CRM software in the industries. It also offers tailored solutions for expense claims fraud detection, foreign currency reconciliations, medical records reading and many more!

Knowledge of IoTx says:

I love uipath automation because of it's so easy from another automation application. I already certified and get more training on academy. Thanks to keep free of cost to academy platform. I am waiting more video on automation examples. happy automation

Enough Hours says:

1:29 'address' is spelled with two 'd's

Walker says:

This video is misleading – The above "workflow" used in the video likely doesn't exist or work without considerable external software, certainly not in a form they would share with companies using UiPath. It's pretty much impossible to automate invoice processing without making regular supplier templates because it is NON-deterministic, or in other words, totally random.

All supplier invoices are different. Randomly arranged sheets of paper with varying consistency of content and information is never going to reliably have a 100% success rate without a very advanced AI engine with a HUGE dataset to work with.

avnsr manikanta says:

where can we get these types of programs?

John G says:

Thanks in a million.

uday kiran says:

can someone tell how to create this kind of videos

ayush gupta says:

plz add more videoes

Ray Rivera says:

what kind of data extraction/classification from PDF was used?

vengeance sgLoL says:

Is there a download link or examples links that i can view that have any types of automations? Its for learning purposes 🙂

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