How to Use Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance

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This video teaches you how machine learning can be used for predictive maintenance using a simple example. You don’t need to have an engineering background to understand the concept. It’s very basic!

As Machine learning is playing a more important role in developing advanced industrial applications these days, here at RealPars, we are planning to develop new courses and videos around this topic.

To make sure that these new courses are created with the highest quality possible, we are glad to announce that RealPars has recently formed a partnership with Edge Impulse.

Edge Impulse is the best-in-class edge machine learning platform in the world.

Based on this new partnership, RealPars and Edge Impulse will team up to create easy-to-follow new courses and videos on new machine learning technologies for all of you technicians and engineers active in the industrial world. for all of you engineers and technicians active in the world of industrial automation.

So stay tuned for more videos and courses on this topic. and if you want to learn more about Edge Impulse you can head on over to


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