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Let’s discuss whether you should train your models locally or in the cloud. I’ll go through several dedicated GPU options, then compare three cloud options; AWS, Google Cloud, and FloydHub. I was not endorsed by anyone for this.

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Jaime Carracedo Cosme says:

easier to use por los cojones

Joao Pedro Danhoni says:

Siraj, congratulations on your work. It's amazing. Shout out from Brazil!

vr cosms says:

This is no longer true about floydhub unfortunately, they DO require a credit card for their free sign up, and they no longer offer the 100 hours of credits to new members, it something like 10 hours now.

EuTravel says:

Just to train a model, you don't need well known services like aws and google, bc they are for big projects. For one task a small cloud provider and that will be seversl times cheaper

kareem jeiroudi says:

Thanks for letting us know about Floyd. It's straightforward to use, I think.

Caner Çakmak says:

floyd is a only has tesla80 and up and cheapest is 100 hours for 112$

Muhammad Kiru says:

Youtube would have been nothing without you Siraj

yashwanth vb says:

Is the floyd hub free?

Vicky Singh says:

really you made it for programmers …. even kids will get bored of this

Faisal says:

make a video on kaggle


So much supportive video, thanks Sir

Ricky Wong says:

Great vid bro! But can anyone clear my dumb? Should I use cloud computing when learning deep learning subject?

Nicelovelynice says:

I liked this mainly because of the dance

ruslan smirnov says:

AFAIK FloydHub does not offer GPUs in free tier, which renders their free tier useless for DL. And, IMHO, Google Cloud is NOT easier than AWS, much like Google App Store is not easy to get your apps for mobile being published. Even Steam is better…

ccmkoho says:

You should not use “the cloud” in such a ubiquitous manner. Web server were not initially hosted in the cloud. The were hosted on dedicated server most likely on high end storage arrays. This does not equate to cloud.

Noname Noname says:

I wonder: 1) Is cloud computing on Google's GCP automatically parallelized (means exploiting all given GPUs and CPUs optimally)? 2) Can I use one GCP account from several computers? (We need it at my company and several coworkers have to use the service)

Gopikha Ilakkiya says:

Hi siraj.. will you say me how to deploy deep learning in mobile ?? I got confused of choosing gpu theme is about prediction of cancer by images in mobile using deep learning. I need configuration it makes me to have clear picture .pls help me

dannyn dnyad says:

the dance is really creepy

Daku says:

You should have covered Paperspace.

Aditya Singh says:

What about & algorithmia

Daniel Rosales says:

So either way, if I choose Google or Amazon they will be able to see my developments and practices? And the data we use is it free, it's clean data, or what?

FlyingPhilUK says:

By the way, which one is Pink?

Silver Cube says:

to fast. I didn't understand anything 🙁


Would u plz, add a video describing google colab plz

furqan arif says:

Make a vid on Google colab plss

Mauro Bertoldi says:

Please make a video of Google's TPUs

余杭 says:

Hey bro !!! how to make such a background like U hope u can reply

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