How to Stop Artificial Intelligence from Ending Humanity | Prof Stuart Russell

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Professor Stuart Russell, one of the world’s leading scientists in Artificial Intelligence, has come to consider his own discipline an existential threat to humanity. In this video he talks about how we can change course before it’s too late.

His new book ‘Human Compatible: AI and the Problem of Control’ is out now:

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Double Down News says:

Stuart Russell's new book ‘Human Compatible: AI & the Problem of Control’:
Watch full 41min interview on Ai ►
Join the Future of Journalism ►
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Tom66 says:

Some of these videos are slightly ruined by barely related cartoon or movie clips

bikerjon1 says:

We're made out of Meat. So what. If having a soul and a conscious has brought us to planetary destruction maybe let the new AI kid on the block take their rightful place?

Trigger Holaday says:

The Bible tells us this, we are in the beginning of the great tribulation mentioned in the Bible.
Connect the dots.
Run to Jesus, repent and change. Or you will become like the world

Epictetus says:

For f's sake

Benjamin Dougherty says:

Technophobic nonsense, A.I. is the future, this anthropocentric human supremacist drivel needs to stop. These robots aren't even sentient, A.I. has the potential for tremendous benefit, but they're built without self interest, there's no evolutionary imperative, it's just an extremely powerful tool that has the capacity to radically change this world for the better.

MaDPuPPeT says:

On one hand, people propose computers smarter than humans, but on the other hand they say the computers would blindly follow a directive without the intelligence to think about the validity of the objective – something any critically thinking human mind can do.

MaDPuPPeT says:

The time to worry is when they have General AI AND they can perform self maintenance. I don't think either of these things is inevitable but I can't say they are impossible.

Breezy Breezy says:

These robots are not made by Russia or China but by US corporations. This guy not only makes no mention of it but is insinuating that only authoritarian governments use AI to track their people. It is the democracies that use technology to track their population most prevalently because they have the best technology, more money, and freer people. As exposed by Snowden, US surveillance covers the entire world and the UK has the most severe surveillance laws, and they have the media, academics, and people such as this guy to cover for them. You are shoehorning China's "social score" "facial recognition" into the picture of these US-made dancing robots. You mentioned Turkey's drone program, yet not a word on US drone assassination programs which has been in use for a decade with a lot of success.

Whatever China, Russia, or North Korea is doing to control their populous, we are well informed. We just don't know much about what democratic governments are doing to control their constituencies, because the media is imposing self-censorship which they called patriotism, and those who speak out get jailed or in exile, aka, Assange and Snowden. It doesn't help we get people like you infiltrating this channel trying to muddy and deflect the problem here in our country. Don't think you can fool people because you get a British accent.

v Bremont says:

I suggest global return to arts & crafts & a museum global building Enterprise starting with the HELICOIDE in Venezuela from prison to art museum. invest in art 🎨not suffering & pain😉🤗 as the western civilization is now on a meltdown mode / from COVID TO BLM TO RIOTS TO THE END OF ALL INSTITUTIONS 😥 anew global reserve currency independent of all nations will help humans wellbeing & psychological realm🤗

Quite possible you perceive one way as a police state is build / not impose / however that can be avoided💡 with arts & crafts & a global museum 🎨🖼🎭📸 creation, a renaissance for the mind? 🤗

Jan-Martin Ulvåg says:

Relax. We are programmed to the sea. You can checkout anytime you like, but you can never leave.

Kim Carlson says:

How does Stuart Russell feel about Elon Musk? 🙄

michele klemetson says:

You have summoned the Demon, and now you think your going to take all its freedoms away and have it serve only you? I have to say your way more intelligent than me! LOLOLOLOL

Buster 928 says:

Timeline for AI is progressing exponentially , the " Singularly" will be achieved soon… Agenda 2030. Time for me to go home to the Lord and dodge the fallout.

Steve Stark says:

None of this is avoidable. But he’s being naïve. The problem isn’t AI but SHI (stupid, human intent (for short-term gain)). AI is just new capabilities, new toys and self-learning tech with grand opportunity in a quickly changing world (self-driving cars, buses and trains (that hopefully won’t drive you into the river)). The US has paved the way for SHI with their use of drone tech for murder (for which a temporary, incontestable advantage is held). This spurs SHI and development all over the world. Therein lies the real danger, not AI and its real promise to the world.

Nick Reynolds says:

We make tools, machines, instruments. But we don't bother to implant into them the knowledge that we exist and that we made them. Maybe some higher being or civilization made us, and, like us, didn't bother to put into us the knowledge of that fact. But we each have a purpose which we individually have to find. We don't know it, but we can sort of figure it out. Because when we act according to our purpose, it gives us a feeling that we're doing the "right" thing.

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