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How to Make Hydraulic Powered Robotic Arm from Cardboard

In this video I show you how to make robotic arm from cardboard, it’s quite fun to plaw with. Especially by moving coca cola cans.
You need:
cardboard, 8 syringes with rubber piston, old battery, 4 pipes, popsicle sticks, glue, water and patience 🙂 Also coca cola empty can.

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Khaled MMN says:

what is the law used??

DIY Craft Instruction says:

Wow awesome video

Camroc Ian says:

I wish I still had imagination…

Ashela G&M says:

please, I need the measurements of the pieces, I know that the rectangular four are approximately 20 x 3 cm, but the others? I need help, it is for a school project! Thanks in advance 😉

Edit: These are the measurements of the pieces: Short rectangles: 20cm x 3cm Long rectangles: 25cm x 3cm Trapezoids: 3cm x 7cm x 13cm Squares: 7cm x 7cm you are welcome 😉

Shubhani Kumari says:

Can you make moving JCB

Raichel Ambrose says:

I will try my best to make it

Ajay Moolya says:

What principle is this based on

Sangita Singh says:

Too good just can't tell how much good ,hey man you helped me a lot for my exhibition, thanks

Lamoo m says:

very gooood edia

Max Albers says:

Fuck this shit im out

Max Albers says:

Borning this is schoollll

ozkan cil says:

this video should been way longer cuz we need all measurements and materials. whats that black thing callled? that the strines attached too?

kishanchand Santlani says:

Syringe kitni ml ki hai?

Joel Robert James says:

I finally finished

AABCD 1234 says:

It's good for science project

Afiq Izzanie says:

i love you daddy, missing you all night

Heridic Hero says:

2:35 his face reveal


I also need this for science exhibition for school

MD Tufazzul Sk says:

Can you give me the description of the model

han zhuo says:

I need it for a school project but it is to hard! but I still did it

Nowshin Nawal Khan says:

I completed this hydraulic robotic arm and, I was successful!

Alejo Coello says:

Bueno, si ven esto, y viven en Ecuador en Guayaquil, porfavor, no te inscribas en Brisas Del Río.
De verdad porfavor no lo hagas, hay favoritismo para puras niñas caprichosas. Y quieren hacer su colegio/escuela bilingue para cobrar más caro las pensiones, y también tienen profesores de ingles TERRIBLES.

Navya Pathak says:

It looks like a hydraulic crane. Isn't it?

SykeAmer88 _ says:

Thanks for actually putting some measurements. I've watched some other Youtuber and they don't put any measurements. Thanks.

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