How to Make a Robotic Arm at Home out of Cardboard

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incredible idea
Learn: How to Make Robotic Arm with 5 fingers


Yuri Ostr says:

Hello my Friends
How old are you?

Mika Shatner says:

די מגניב אני חייבת לומר….

Alexander Micheal says:

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outer space is my jam ! says:

i said to myself aint nobody got time for dat

stop Cappin' says:

instruction unclear my dog died

Marissa Saenz says:

I bearly started but I can't get the measurements

Vigiya Kanse says:

I will made and he was working

BlazingFiregamer 9 says:

I kind of want to make this

Badass Artist says:

Me: sticks up middle finger

jonathan mamo says:

Pull every finger, but leave your Middle finger.

Taha A says:

I’m doing a project about this can u email me cuz I need an expert to interview

Riotミスト says:

This man has invented a way of getting away with murder

LIBOR S says:

What the music, do you anybody know, please? L.

LIBOR S says:

Thanks thanks so so!!! Love!!! 👍🤙

Jay Sadafule says:

THank you very useful


That looks uncomfortable

Dosty Taha says:

Wow it is very interstning

ツPlasma says:

I wonder if there's a way to make a 3D hand, instead of just flat like this one

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