How to Integrate GPT-3 with Airtable: Airtable Automation with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

In this video, we will look at using natural language processing (NLP) to automate tasks in Airtable. We’ll be using GPT-3 to do so.

Leverage Airtable Automation lets you quickly and intuitively define the “logic” that compels Airtable to do something in the background.


GPT-3 Playlist:

1. Learn how to build NLP applications using GPT-3. Learn to Write GPT-3 prompt.
2. Learn How to integrate GPT-3 Prompt into Python.
3. Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis using GPT-3 | Prompt Design
4. GPT-3 Embeddings: Perform Text Similarity, Semantic Search, Classification, and Clustering.
5. Finetuning GPT-3.
6. Use GPT-3 to Replay Customer Reviews
7. How to Integrate GPT-3 with Airtable

I am a Freelance Data Scientist working on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and building end-to-end NLP applications.

I have over 7 years of experience in the industry, including as a Lead Data Scientist at Oracle, where I worked on NLP and MLOps.

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