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Watch this presentation to learn how to effectively build and deploy TensorFlow based Deep learning models on the mobile platforms.

Sample code:


TensorFlow and Deep Learning Singapore 2017


Andrea Pisoni


The original video was published on Engineers.SG YouTube channel with the Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed).



Nguyên Nguyễn Anh says:

Must be Tensorflow team again. Link broken ! Nothing works 🙁 … !

Epic Failure says:

can anyone on this channel UPDATE THE GITHUB!!!!

VibeX MaTxeMa says:

the ljink is not there

Sumate Gesornchuen says:

Hello guys, who have this demo code please send it to me by or

Uday Sah says:

can u share your notebook pls?

Tejas Arlimatti says:

Hello it would be really helpful to us if you could share your code. Thanks!

Harjit Singh says:

Could you not just make a PWA and then import your tensorflow models witn tensorflow.js?????

Yassine Elbaza says:

please can you link the new github, this one is empty and thank you for all these clarifications !

Manuel Pariente says:

Would it be possible to have the notebook please?
There is nothing in the Github link anymore..
Thanks in advance

Brandon Klopp says:

I am running into the whole app crashing with my own model problem.

Michael Vogt says:

Could it work to compile such c++ code to wasm and use the model with a browser instead of a native app?

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