How to Build Safe Artificial Intelligence – Prof. Stuart Russell & Prof. Peter Stone

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Stuart Russell is a computer science and engineering professor at the University of California, Berkeley in Berkeley, California. Peter Stone is a professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas-Austin.

Recorded, 09/23/2016


Isuzu Buyer says:

I can hardly believe he said, “wealthy white men”. When will these sexist, hate-filled racists be defunded?

notaras1985 says:

the depression of a workless society would be unprecedented. our natural state is to work.

Paul Quintanilla says:

We have a long ways to go in understanding the Human Brain/Mind let alone a Very Intelligent Artificial Brain/Mind … intelligence trumps all … I say we push forward …

Mickelodian Surname says:

Was just getting into that and it ended…

cesar brown says:

Sounds crazy but think about it sex worker A.I is the biggest threat. Under regulated sex Abused multi fictional Charismatic sexually attractive robots. With Diverse personalities . Possibly emotions .somthing to think about.

Lonnie Farrare says:

Carrot & stick the AI, well what happens in 20 years when it is at human level intelligence, what if it thinks it's a digital slave? The people's trust? Yeah right, there is a full on race between governments and companies to create this. It's silly to think things that are built by entities that only think of profit and power will be programmed with the best interest of the people, just look at what the exec that left Facebook said. Morality, "everyone's morality" well that's another silly thought because that's subjective just look at our president, our laws maybe a better gatekeeper. I'm with Elon with this, we should be worried. We must assume that we'll get to human level intelligence in the coming decades, we must have better conversation than this.

NewsFreak42 says:

what makes biological intelligence safe for a social society? imho, it has a lot to do with mirror-neurons…

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