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Current AI is impressive, but it’s not intelligent.

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Something incredible has taken place in the past 5 years: a revolution in artificial intelligence. After decades of little progress, the combination of big data and advances in computer hardware have brought AI applications to life: from self-driving cars to home assistants to augmented reality and instant language translation. If some of these applications feel like science fiction it’s because deep learning algorithms are powering a true breakthrough in machine intelligence. But with these truly impressive advances comes a great deal of hype: fears of terminator-type bots turning on humans and stealing all our jobs. In this video we sort out the fact from fiction in this very exciting field.

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Vox says:

If you want to see how some summarizing tools work – check out the reddit bot autotldr It tells us which keywords it uses to select the sentences for the summary, and you can go back and compare to the source article to judge for yourself how it performed. Also, here's some info about a more advanced summarizing system that Salesforce is working on I think they will continue to struggle with figuring out what is important and interesting in the source text, but you can see how it can be useful to some degree. -joss

Akash Patel says:

This video is made by AI

Brandon N. says:

So the big revolution in AI would be treating these neural networks as software libraries

Jameel Ja says:

Never say never. As these systems evolve I foresee them making a video like the one you made. It's just a matter of time and quantum computing.

Shiyounin says:

Can the A.I. that makes videos turn down the background music?

Synkronization says:

Plot twist: this video is made by an AI.

Adam Seeve says:

what kind of maniac chose the music for this video? The selection is not working at all

Yelloh Gezek says:

As a Turkish person, the issue was never AI, the issue was always Americans thinking Turkey jokes are funny instead of realising it's continued evidence of being too lazy to actually pronounce Türkiye properly.

Edit; Thanksgiving…

Andre Green says:

watch humans need not apply on YouTube.

Emperor of the Interweb, lord sausage of mash says:

you've got to define intelligence before you decide who and what has it.

Bob Arct0r says:

Ummm.. well, general artificial intelligence is one goal. Deep Mind is creating something like this.

Canary Wharf Group says:

Do we want a human like intelligence?

Byron Mitchell says:

Remember when Youtube used to let any video be on the front page, giving everyone a chance? now they put on the front page people with most views and paid advertisements.

NoCommentHere says:

The level of AI technology is currently in the equivalent of very, very early beta. It is by far , the worst AI that will ever exist. Today's machines have little sense of abstract concept. However, the field is moving in leaps and bounds, and emerging technologies will propel the field of machine learning to another level. Neuromorphic and quantum computing are two of the more obvious stepping stones, and advances in the understanding of organic brains will help quite a bit as well. It is absurd to say that machines will not be able to understand nuance.

swallace1112 says:

No, your jobs are not safe. Better Machine learning will lead to a better understanding and mapping of the human brain. Even if there is something fundamental about human consciousness in the brain, that is at the quantum level and not easily replicable in silicone, we could still map better ways to mimic human actions and creativity.

idk says:

Feel like you might be underestimating the potential of AI.

Sam Enrique says:

I think all these are true but they fail to explain Google's AI's case. Google's AI is a whole different level. Go read about how they have created AIs that can create other AIs, or that can understand codes, etc.

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