How Singapore's Healthcare Is Using AI To Battle Chronic Diseases Like Cancer | Full Episode

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These superheroes are as real as they get. They are, in fact, scientists, doctors and clinicians continuously tinkering in tech labs across Singapore. Meet the individuals facing off against some of the world’s most pressing health issues — from cancer to heart disease and diabetic retinopathy, as they harness the incredible power of Artificial Intelligence.

The Hidden Layer: Healthcare Trailblazers
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D S says:

you are the hope for sg, jiayou!

KEN Lee says:

then in such cases, make health screening compulsory.

Jo the pilot says:


mlee says:

Human nature is too corrupt for Artificial Intelligence.

Jianfa Ben Tsai says:

Great informative video. I felt it will be fantastic if you use your human networks to create awareness of these techs to other government and private health institutions worldwide via phone call, social media and email. It will help generate interests that enhance research quality and create funding for the development of these techs. In Australia, our optometricians are using technology to assess our eye health as well as checking our vision. Perhaps one of the projects you can do now to create funding and enhance the quality of living is to upgrade or subsidise equipment, and training to spectacles retail shops and train optometricians to make simple eye health diagnostics with the aid of AI tech while assessing vision in Singapore? Please feedback to management.

Alvin FG says:

I cant believe in 2025 singapore is already super ageing society

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