How many robots does it take to run a grocery store?

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In Ocado’s grocery warehouses, thousands of mechanical boxes move on the Hive. Are they all individual robots? Or is this one giant hive mind? • Thanks to Ocado: (this video is not sponsored, and they had no editorial control).

Reference: Strandwitz P. (2018). Neurotransmitter modulation by the gut microbiota. Brain research, 1693(Pt B), 128–133. — I should probably have put a “might” in there, but that’s a thorough review of research and I think the claim just about holds up!

Edited by Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin)

Filmed safely:

Thanks to Grant Hurst from Casual Historian for suggesting the title:

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Tom Scott says:

Just to be clear, this video isn't sponsored! I've wanted to do a video about group vs individual for a while, so this worked really well. Ocado invited me for a warehouse tour, but I've not been paid a penny, and they had zero editorial control over the final video.

The Real Sean W. Stewart says:

Next on Tom Scott: How Many Robots Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb?

SuperSupermario24 says:

My favorite thing about this is how 2 weeks after this video went up, they had an accident where two robots collided and caused a gigantic fire that cost them like 50 million dollars.

Mike T says:

Watch out Amazon…

Pearty2021 says:

So how do all the people who lost their jobs due do to these robots pay for groceries now?

Chandler Puwal says:

Was that an Xbox One Kinect?

DownwindFish says:

“It’s called the Hive-Mind”

People who don’t know:
People who know:

spitzndtruth 1 says:

Finally….my mind visualized.

Keith says:

"311 days without an accident… 67 days until machine sentience is achieved"

ᐯ丨ㄥㄖ几乇 says:

2:25 is the "3d camera" an xbow kinekt hahahahah

keyur says:

That was amazing 👍

jefferson Jones says:

So the machines are testing the grid with groceries now before they integrate us into the Matrix?

Mighty_Matt says:

This answers so many of my questions about the borg

Lukres says:

2:27 xbox camera :DD

Rgb Rides says:

skkynet should delete all the customers… that would free up bandwidth? but how? MRNA?

Nixon Mitchell says:

Technology great design

Pranav Kamble says:

Why is this person such a chad………..

Darth Bancid says:

Im an engineer and my previous shop did a lot of work for these robots. They factor burnt down and we had to do it all again

Tymonello says:

Omg, you have been corrupted by the american need to compare things to football fields!

IGRojikku says:

“2X 3D cameras” @2:28 XBOX Kinects….🤣😭

Shayon Smith says:

How do you manage perishable items? Like veggies, etc?

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