How I Built a 3D Printed Robot Arm from Scratch (Arduino Based)

I made an Arduino based robotic arm with a unique control system for under $60! This video will take you through the design, assembly, and code process. My goal was to design an arm that was as compact as possible and didn’t have a mess of wires coming out of it. I think this arm turned out pretty well!

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Part Links:
Stronger Servo:
Micro Servo:
Arduino Board:
Servo Driver Board:
Gripper Gears:
Wire and Connectors:
Adjustable Power Supply:

3D Printers Used:
Voxelab Aquila (great value):
Anet A8 Plus:

All Robotic Arm CAD, STL, and Code files are now available for FREE!! Link below!

PLEASE NOTE: These designs and code are FAR from perfect. There are still many improvements that can be made to both. I am just sharing my work with the community as it is, and it may not work for you exactly as it does in the video. This arm will require a lot of soldering, especially for the controller. The arm also requires other small parts that were not mentioned in the video like a few small gears for the last rotational segment of the arm and some extra wires. At the time of designing and recording, I had not planned on making this arm open source. That is why the arm may be difficult to replicate and why it was not explained in great detail.

Link to CAD, STL, and Code:

Thanks, and best of luck!

0:00 – Arm in Action
0:45 – Introduction
1:02 – The Idea
1:25 – Arm Design
1:51 – Cost and Hardware
2:12 – The Controller
3:13 – Code Explained
4:31 – Broken Servo 🙁
5:04 – Done!
5:17 – Bloopers

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