How facial recognition is ruining your life | Clearview AI GDPR fine

Facial recognition is the worse thing being developed right now. Facial recognition chips away at our privacy, our identity and a lot of things that make society work. It has gotten so bad that many US States, countries, governments and the EU have banned the technology.

When you look into this, one name comes up more than any other … Clearview. Clearview is the biggest facial recognition company around, but most people have never heard of them.

Let’s look at who Clearview are, what they’ve been doing and why without even knowing it, your face has been tracked everywhere you go without your consent.

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🗓️ 00:00 – Intro – How facial recognition is ruining your life.
🗓️ 01:17 – Part 1 – How does Clearview AI work?
🗓️ 02:45 – Part 2 – Facial recognition on social media
🗓️ 05:11 – Part 3 – What can you do about it?


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