How Does RPA Work? | What Is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? | RPA In 10 Minutes | Edureka

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This session on How Does RPA Work, will help you understand how does Robotic Process Automation work in real-life scenarios with an example.
Following topics are covered in this session:
0:41 What is RPA?
3:09 How Does RPA Work?
5:22 Benefits of RPA
7:02 Path To Become An RPA Developer

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Edureka is one place solution of whatever u wanna learn in tech, thanks guys for always being there

William Fisher says:

Love the overview! Simplicity will rule in future RPA implementations and improvements

Snehal L says:

edureka, y'all are doing such great work. saw your few videos around AI and man you all nailed it. Thank you!

Shrinivas Ingalahalli says:

well explained

Vishal Chavan says:

Superb explanation. Thank you very much Sir.

Pratik Jugant Mohapatra says:

Do u give any certification courses ???

MANOJ J says:

The video was great and informative.

Francesco Lombardo says:

Thank you for sharing!

Ron says:

Great explanation. Thank you for sharing.

Liam Boyd says:

Wow this video is literally all meat no bs, love it

mahesh kumar says:

Understood.. keep growing Edureka..

Rilude says:

Thank you for this introduction into how RPA works.


This one is very useful and Are there any more detail videos on RPA….so that one can go thoroughly through it…

John G says:

Thanks in a million.

Vibha Sp says:

thank u for information , nice voice 🙂

mr tibbs89 says:

Low code or no code is a marketing term, only. In practice many companies and rpa projects fail because of citizen developers. Rpa need experience developers and better yet experienced rpa developers…

Aravind P says:

Great learning !

Priya Pai says:

Can RPA be considered as a tool to achieve Business Process Automation? if not what is the difference?

Thamizhan Thamizh says:

Awesome!! Thanks!!

Vanikrishnan says:

Thank you ,it's very much informative.

Soumyajit Ghosh says:

Is there any relationship between data science and rpa??

Julian Hurtado says:

Thanks for video.


Which RPA tool helps in connecting remote server and running the sql queries?

Tech & Fun News says:

PLC and embedded systems which is best

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